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30 November 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:58 GMT+1

March 18, 2020

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Covid-19 emergency, in I decree of the government measures also in support of the field of the transports

Arranged among other things the exoneration from the anchor duty until on 30 April and the suspension of the relative canons to the harbour operations and concessions until on 31 July

The Italian government has approved of decrees in order to tackle to the economic consequences of the Covid-19 emergency that includes measures in support of the field of the transport goods and passengers for via earthling, marine aerial and. For the entire field the extension of the redundancy fund for protecting the companies and the workers is introduced. Moreover the deposits of the deductions will be suspended until on 30 April, of the social insurance and charitable contributions, with the fiscal implementations with expiration comprised between 8 March 2020 and on May 31, 2020.

Relatively to the marine transport, to article 92 on 30 April next exoneration until from the anchor duty - however reimbursed to the Authority of Harbour System by means of the transfer of public resources -, the suspension of the relative canons to the operations and harbour concessions until on 31 July and the deferral of the payment of the custom duties for some categories of professional operators is arranged. In particular specific that "to the aim to face the sudden reduction of the afferent marine traffics to the transport of goods and of people, in relation to the operations carried out from the date of entrance of effectiveness of anticipates I decree on April 30, 2020 until the date, is not proceeded to the application of the anchor duty of which to article 1 of I decree of the 28 President of the Republic May 2009, n. 107, attributed to the Authorities of Harbour System according to codicil 6 of the same article let alone of article 1, codicil 982, of the law 27 Decembers 2006, n. 296. In order to indemnify the foretold Authorities for the lacked ones entered deriving from the disapplicazione the anchor duty the expense of 13,6 million euros for year 2020 is authorized. To the burdens deriving from codicil anticipates is provided according to article 126". Moreover, "to the aim to face the sudden reduction of the afferent marine traffics to the transport of goods and people of the canons is suspend payment of which to article 16, 17 and 18 of 28 the law January 1994, n. 84 relative ones to the period comprised between the date of entrance of effectiveness of anticipate decree and that on July 31, 2020. Al payment of the canons suspended according to the first period, to be carried out within and not beyond on December 31, 2020 also by means of rateazione without interest application, second provides the modalities established from each Authority of Harbour System". At last, "to the aim to mitigate the economic effects deriving from the spread of the contagion from COVID-19, the payments of the custom duties, in expiration between the date of effectiveness of disposition anticipates and on April 30, 2020 and second carried out the modalities previewed from article 78 and 79 of I decree of the 23 President of the Republic January 1973, n. 43, are deferred of ulterior thirty days without application of interests".

The circulation of the vehicles comes on 31 October also authorized until that must be subordinates to review within on 31 July.

Relatively to the civil aviation, in I decree is established the constitution of a destined bottom of 500 million euros to two scopes: resources of compensation for the field of the civil aviation hardly hit from the drastic reduction of the travellers; resources for the requirements of the new society entirely publish (controlled from the MEF) of which the constitution in consideration of the situation of Alitalia Italian aerial society and Alitalia Cityliner is decided. Moreover the refinancing for 200 million the deep flight is introduced, for the year 2020, usable also for the relative requirements to the staff of Air Italy and the airport dependent.

Between the other measures, almost three million euro of extraordinary resources for the potenziamento of the activities of the Harbour offices are allocated.

In the provision a delay until on 15 June of the validity of the certificates is introduced also, of the certificates and the permissions authorize you granted in expiration between on 31 January and on April 15, 2020. Delay until on 31 August also of the validity of documents of identity and acknowledgment, the driving licences and the nautical licenses comprised.

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