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28 July 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:05 GMT+2

June 5, 2020

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The complete reopening of the connections for today seafarers and aircraft to and from Sardinia

It also allows the activity to the sea lines are not subject to public service charges

After the protests over the restriction until next June 12 sea links to and from Sardinia for the transport of passengers to services only carried out in territorial continuity, which was ordered on Tuesday, June 2nd by decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport opening all sea links with the island only at Starting on 13 June, the ministry issued a new decree yesterday which provides for the complete reopening of maritime and air traffic passengers to Sardinia starting today.

The whirlwind of criticism generated by the first decree must have made to lose the compass to more than one at the ministry of Piazzale of Porta Pia, so much so that some of them to offload responsibility on the Sardinian region urged to continue until 13 June re-opening of sea passenger connections to the island while someone else in the drafting of the second decree attributed Sardinia region itself the invitation to the Ministry of anticipate the opening of connections for passengers on sea lines that are not subject to public service.

The note announcing yesterday's decree, In fact, it states that "in the beginning, according to specific requests received by letter to MIT by the Region Sardinia, the reopening would take place on Friday 12 June', while in the preamble of yesterday's decree, instead, "the Sardinia Region of 3 and 4 June 2020, with This is evidenced by the network of maritime connections between Sardinia to the national ports there are lines high volumes of traffic that are not subject to OSP and insured by companies operating on a free-to-use basis and that, as a result, sea lines in convention do not cover some of the routes high passenger flows, as well as calls for the reopening of sea links to be anticipated and passengers, to and from Sardinia."

To explain this very apparent contradiction, we think about it the same note yesterday from the Ministry stating that "the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, assessed the flow of passengers from 3 June and considered additional sea links also on traffic that is not subject to public service burdens and operating at a cost free performance, he considered in agreement with the Sardinian Region 5 June to reopen sea links, as well as those of aircraft, for all passengers." All In short, it does not appear to have been decided on the basis of exhortations or region's deterrents, but in accordance with the regional body and in consideration of the flow of passenger traffic on 3 June, evidently significantly higher than the previous day or a few days before.

Perhaps it would have been better to decree the advance of the reopening of all connections to the island without giving much explanation.


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