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June 8, 2020

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This year the turnover of Italian the Economy Blue will lose 125 billion because of the sanitary emergency

Analysis of the new center BlueMonitorLab studies of the impact of the pandemic on the economy of the sea

From the 120 to 125 billion euros in less. This is the esteem of the loss of turnover that the companies Italian that take part of the field of the Economy Blue will endure because of the effects of the pandemic of Covid-19, appraisal that is calculated by BlueMonitorLab, a new center studies that is presided by professor Giulio Sapelli, economist, expert of geopolitics and teacher to the Civil servant of Milan, and composed by Gian Enzo Duci, president of the Italian shipping agents and teaching, Francesco Parola, expert teacher of economy of transports, Ettore Pollicardo, president of the Group Bureau Veritas Italia, Alessandro Laghezza, entrepreneur of the logistics, Lorenzo Pollicardo, expert of nautical, and Diego Paltrinieri, student in erosion topic of shorelines, and it is coordinated by Bruno Dardani, already sent of the Sole24Ore.

This first appraisal of the contraction of the volume of transactions of the enterprises of the field it is based on the data I am diffused by 25 different entrepreneurial associations and from relative institutions to the consequences of the emergency virus on turnover 2020 of the entire marine economy and it does not include - it has specified the center studies - neither the effects of the possible impact of the emergency on the pocketbook orders of the Fincantieri that comprise 46 cruise ships, whose contracted are argument object, neither the economy of the greater and smaller islands that risk to pay the salted price more in terms of lacked tourist returns. To such purpose the center studies has specified that today it is impossible to formulate a forecast on the damages and the recessive effect that will be pulled down on the economy of the Sicily and the Sardinia and the smaller islands, let alone of glare on the activity of the ferries that until today have recorded a discouragement of the transport activity and that also in the second part of the season they will be found to face unchanged operating costs with an unavoidable and already sure contraction of the turnover determined from the norms on the prevention of the contagion that will force the ships to travel to about 60% of their ability to transport.

Al clearly of these important unknown quantities, the analysis evidences that in the traditional marine cluster it classifies it of the damages because of a real zero setting of the turnover is capeggiata by the cruises that, against a forecast of 13 million and means of passengers, have already confirmed in the first semester the loss of 6,886 million passengers and the cancellation of 2.709 ports of call in the Italian ports, but difficultly - second the experts of the field - the section will be able to supply signs of resumption in the second part of the year. The impact negative on the cruises would have to turn out to year-end pairs to beyond three billions of euro.

The esteem of the loss of turnover that in 2020 will be accused by the tourist field, than for about 70% is in Italy tourism of sea, is between the 55 and 60 billion euros, with impact on the hotel industry, the catering but also on bathing establishments who "occupy" 36% of the Italian shoreline pairs to 8.670 kilometers. The center studies has remembered that blue tourism represents, second last projections, 9% of the GDP national.

Annulled until today also the nautical one from diporto, with ports deserts and zero reservations for the charter of great pleasure crafts and yacht, and with the hope that July and part of August can allow to save part of the season.

Heavy moreover the consequences on the commercial ports, that they are losing (with the sun exceptions of Gioia Tauro and Trieste) from the 20 to 30% of the traffic also in the field of the container.

To the reduction until 120-125 billion the turnover they contribute the consequences on fishing, than in the first semester it has marked a collapse of the -80%, quantifiable one in 1,5 billion euros, but also the discouragement of all the entertainment activities, the handicraft and the fashion legacies to the sea (than for the time being at least three months in the season of shopping record the displacement forward), the management of the marine parks and the Aquarius.

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