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14 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:26 GMT+2

June 12, 2020

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Banker (Assagenti) denounces the situation of chaos caused degradation of the motorway network serving the port of Genoa

Since the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, he said, we have heard only proclamations, but no measure worthy of this name to the blatant culprits

The President of the Maritime Agents Association Genoa, Alberto Banchero, renewed the protest the unsustainable congestion and blocking of routes converge on the Ligurian capital, which is determined by construction sites and traffic disruptions to address the ever-changing infrastructure challenges inspections. "The situation - it denounced Banchero -- it's getting worse by the day, at every damage is so bad that routes have to be closed.'

"Why," asks the president of Assagenti, "why these checks were not made during the period of lockdown, when the highways were semi deserted? I understand the block due to the various decrees of the Presidency of the Council, but -- he pointed out -- I think having urgency character, you would able to work in derogation. Those responsible must be held accountable these defaults and years of complete carelessness!"

In his words, Banchero rejects the outcome of the monitoring and interventions on motorway network tunnels drawn up by Highways for Italy and presented in the days the company that is the dealer of these routes in Liguria. announced a strong increase in technical and technical staff workers engaged in monitoring and monitoring activities maintenance of Ligurian tunnels as well as availability technical means, a plan whose aim was to advance within the end of the year. 30 June the completion of interventions in the tunnels and tunnels are reopened.

Expressing 'outrage and concern' about repercussions that the now chronic isolation is having on Genoa and the region' port, Banchero noted who, "perhaps, those who govern us are not yet making account, but - he pointed out - the situation has exceeded the limit, when you get to the point where our employees struggle to get to work and the goods no longer arrive in collapse is near."

"The goods that do not arrive in time in port -- recalled the president of Assagenti - loses boarding, goes to meet extra costs and complaints, how long Italian exporters who, let's remember, they are starting again laboriously after the period pandemic, they will be able to withstand this situation before changing port of embarkation? And until the same shipping companies they will continue to climb in a port whose fragility infrastructure does not guarantee the regular influx of goods?"

"Who - he asked again - must respond to this perfect storm if not who has been managing for years infrastructure and has repeatedly and without investments for maintenance in profits?'

"The time has come," concluded President of the Genoese maritime agents -- to say enough about all this and the political catwalks that we've been seeing for almost two years now, from the misfortune of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge to today we have heard only proclamations, slogans, but no action has been taken worthy of the name against the blatantly responsible!"

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