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June 16, 2020

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Confetra Liguria begs for the restoration of regularity traffic on the region's highways

Lagal: "The answers must be given immediately. None of them we can have more than comparison tables."

Confetra Liguria strongly protests over unsustainable traffic congestion on motorway arteries due to construction sites and road disruptions numerous network maintenance work. Alessandro Laghezza, President of the Ligurian Italian General Confederation of Transport and Logistics, pointed out that the guard limit on Ligurian highways is now passed and denounced that it is grotesque that the policy continues to talk about broad and long-term plans period while passively witnessing the annihilation of the logistics system on which the country is based and on which they should companies that are struggling to start again after Covid-19 emergency.

Nice -- complained Laghezza -- to hear about Italy fast, sustainable mobility, but the truth is another: we are in a national emergency that needs to be recognized and Declared. It's those 30 kilometers of tail -- explained the president of Confetra Liguria - which will first hit companies transport and logistics and then choke the relaunch country's industrial sector.

"The answers," Laghezza said, "must be given immediately. We can't have more tables of comparison." The first expected response is the one on the emergency, i.e. the causes of the blockade of the Ligurian motorway system, and in this regard Confetra Liguria calls for the immediate appointment of a subject institutional institutions that are empowered to deal with emergency and that gives orders consistent with the need to streamline traffic to all stakeholders in the field and compensate the logistics system for the damage suffered. At the same time - according to Confetra Liguria - choices must be made bindings that place all those on the field in the condition and obligation to address this emergency.

Confetra Liguria specified that these answers would be had to arrive in the past few weeks when, given the mobility restrictions adopted for the pandemic, traffic on the highway network there was none. According to the Association of transport and logistics, those who have not taken action, that is, the institutions, must take responsibility for these behaviors irresponsible and find solutions, from immediate to perspective, which for Liguria - recalled Confetra - is call: Third Valic, Genoa's Gronda, railway with France and Pontremolese railway, as well as a complete overhaul of the system motorways with the restoration of the existing and the construction of new able to break the isolation of Liguria.

About the management of the Ligurian motorway network, Confetra Liguria stressed that if the intention is to remove the concession to Highways for Italy is necessary face immediately, without hesitation, while if you want to change the content of the concession not changing the dealer even this must be done without delay, as well as if intention is to impose cogent obligations on the dealer.

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