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11 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 13:21 GMT+2

June 16, 2020

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Assiterminal, the little million previewed in order to support the harbour enterprises hit by the crisis are not other that a drop in the sea

For the Covid-19 emergency a decrease of 70%b of the traffic of the passengers and the loss of 150 million tons of goods is attended this year in the ports

The shattering impact already happened and that previewed on the activity and the economic results of the terminaliste enterprises harbour Italians because of the sanitary emergency for the pandemic of Covid-19 will be evidenced this afternoon from the president of the Italian Association Terminalisti Harbour (Assiterminal), Luca Becce, in the course of a audition near the Commission Transports, Posts and Telecommunications of the Chamber, serious situation that the association had already rimarcato with the 19 letters of and 30 March slid correspondents also to the members of IX the Commission who included some proposals of measures in favor of the operators and workers of a section, as that represented from Assiterminal, than - she was evidenced inthe missives - a strategic role for the export and import national and the territorial economies carries out(of the 19 and 30 March 2020).

The today's participation to the audition is face to specify also that from then the situation it does not anticipate improvement indicators and positive forecasts are not found in the medium period. In particular, the effect of the sanitary crisis on the activity of the harbour terminals that enliven passengers is very 2,800 ports of call of ships cancelled in the solo first semester of this year, for a loss of advanced traffic to 70% (more than seven million than fleeting ones), with the terminals cruises that in fact endure the zero setting of the activities and at the moment some sign of resumption for the second half of the year. In order to tackle to crisis totality of companies of this field, that people occupy directly 53 thousand to which indirect places of work and other 120 thousand in the induced one join to 60 thousand, have appealed to the social shocks-absorber. The impact negative on the section, in terms of value, only estimated for the first semester is of beyond three billions of euro.

Serious also the impact of the emergency on the harbour terminals that enliven goods. According to the surveys of Assiterminal, the enterprises of this segment, that it directly gives to job to 20 thousand indirect people and of it they support 60 thousand and 300 thousand in the induced one and that in order to face the crisis have for 60% have had to appeal to the social shocks-absorber, they are accusing the loss of traffic quotas pairs to the 20%-40% in less regarding 2019 with the only exception of Gioia Tauro who in prevalence carries out activity of transhipment. In 2020 the loss of a traffic volume is attended in the national ports pairs to 150 million tons (in the 2019 all Italian ports has enlivened 479 million tons) and in the single segment of the container the loss of three million teu (the total enlivened in 2019 is previewed has been of 10,8 million teu). Also for this field one previews that the return operatively will be much slow: all the analysts - it has specified Assiterminal - preview that the effects negatives will still over a long time span unfold in the traffic goods, also with regard to that container, until 2021. The association has emphasized that such effects various have an impact directed on the terminalistiche companies from how much happens for the shipping lines that they can re-balance through economies of scale (blank sailings in arranged with the marine hires).

Taking part to the today's audition Becce it will evidence that in this scene it is outright as the temporary suspension for a short time of the payment of former the concessori canons and authorizing art. 92 to you, decree-law 18 2020 converted in law 27/2020 completely turn out insufficient and inidonea to protecting the rights and the estate of the interested harbour companies. According to Assiterminal, "how much is happening, imputable only to exogenous factors, it imposes at least a meaningful reduction of canons at the expense of the enterprises, in application of general principles by right common (articles. 1218,1464,1467 c.c.), online with had art. the 45 cod. nav. and as recently also indicated from the EU commission (let alone on the base of the principles of art. the 56 TFUE, in joint provision with art. the 107 TFUE)". "The afferent dispositions said matter, as currently inserted in art the 199 of the decree-law n. 34/2020 - it has specified the association - sufficient neither are not adapted in the text and the substance, above all whereby to codicil 8 the total limit of 10 million in order to tackle to the reduction of the canons is previewed regarding all the terminals operator and the interested harbour enterprises".

"Therefore – it is the exhortation of Assiterminal - it is necessary to bring at least some modifications of integration to the dispositions inserted in the aforesaid article (as received and represented from some amendments). In particular - it has proposed the association - it is necessary to establish for the measure of which literally to, c.1 same article, a consistent not inferior appropriation to 80 million euros for 2020 using also the remainders of administration of the AdSP; it is necessary to preview the possibility of a which paid in instalments payment, until 2021 comprised, of the determined residual canons to clearly of the reductions; in coherence with the norm internal euro-unitarian and, it is necessary that each AdSP verifies, in conflicting with the concessionaire, subtended the economic balance and financial to each concession, the perspective incidence of the event of act of God, the measures of re-balance in reduction of the canons also through a consistent extension of the concession, not inferior at least to 24 months, that is of other economically important conditions".

In its today's participation Becce it will introduce also the economic impact that the companies of the terminalistico field must support in order to assure the prosecuzione without interruption of the entrepreneurial activities in a context of implementations turn to the unavoidable protection of the health of the workers and the user. Draft - it has calculated Assiterminal - of an increase of the costs for working unit, against the contraction of the economic results, that man turns out pairs to about 250 euros/month/to which negatives of operating inefficiencies join to the effects due to times expanded in the changes turn and to the social distanziamento also of the user, passengers comprised. All this - he has emphasized the association - "without some effective instrument of "refreshment": to such purpose - for Assiterminal - he would be favorable or a reduction of the costs of labor/fiscal wedge or the location of instruments of credit of tax ad hoc for the field".

In occasion of the audition the representative of Assiterminal, besides the effects negatives of the sanitary emergency, will bring to light also other problematic ones that beginning from weigh on the terminalistico field those norms, with a system of the reform of the legislation on the portualità (law 84/94) that - has found the association - "it is incomplete" and "this still involves disomogeneità in the application of the criteria authorize you for the concessorio regime (lacks - has remembered Assiterminal - Regolamento on the former harbour concessions art.18)". To this one joins "to the overlap of agencies regolators (ART and AGCOM in order to only cite of some), the excessive bureaucratization of the governance functional to the development of a strategic asset (code contracts, deficit digitalisation, etc) represent structural inefficiencies that must be old and resolved". Assiterminal has evidenced also the necessity "to accelerate the processes for a uniform digitalisation of the section, being standardized also the relative administrative procedures". At last, in job topic, according to Assiterminal "it must be proceeded at least to finalize the uniformity of the forecasts to protection of the harbour workers in temporary administration (artt.17, law 84/94) with workers structural to the companies (artt.16, law 84/94) adapting to an uniform and exigible application of the Co. 15bis of the art.17 so as for the forecast of the art.16, co.4, lett.d".

The participation of the representative of Assiterminal near IX the Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will be concluded with the synthesis of the proposals formulated from the association in order to assure support to the field of the Italian harbour terminalismo, that they preview: "zero setting or decrease of state property canons 2020 for all the terminalisti (commercial and cruises) through effective instruments and online with the courses of the reference markets; cancellation of additional Ires 2019 for harbour the enterprises authorized and/or concessionary of which to the articles. 16 and 18 of legìge the 84/94; zero setting until on December 31, 2020 of the octrois weighing on fuel used from harbour operating means; not debenza of the contribution of operation for the Authority of Regulation of the Transports for the category of the Operator Terminals and the Harbour enterprises; zero setting of the contribution for the Guarantor Authority Competition of Market for year 2020”.

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