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13 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:36 GMT+2

June 25, 2020

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In May 2020, Italian exports to non-EU countries increased by 37.6% on the previous month and decreased by -31.0% on May 2019

Imports decreased by -2.4% and a trend decline of -37.9%

In May 2020, Italian exports to non-EU countries increased by 37.6% on the previous month, despite the fact that maintaining a widening negative gap (-31.0%) compared to May 2020. Istat announced that in May 2020, after the extensive decreases in the previous two months, in fact, there was a decrease in a first and substantial recovery on a cyclical basis in exports non-EU27 countries, strong increase on a monthly basis export, which is mainly due to capital goods (62.9%), intermediate goods (up 27.1%) non-durable consumer goods 24.9%). The increase for durable consumer goods is very high (188.9%) which, however - istat pointed out - only explains for economic growth in exports. Energy fell (-28.9%).

Otherwise, on the import side that has marked a 2.4% in May 2019, cyclical decreases for almost all groupings major industries, the largest for energy (-16.9%) And consumer goods (-10.2%); only purchases of consumer goods capital goods (up 13.6%). Excluding energy, imports a slight increase (0.3%).

In addition, Istat specified that year-on-year the decline in exports are still very broad (-31.0%), but in a marked mitigation compared to April (-44.0%), and it is two-thirds of the sharp decline in sales of goods non-durable consumer goods. More marked trend decline in imports (-37.9%), which contributes to the contraction in energy and goods purchases 16 and about eight percentage points, respectively)

In the March-May 2020 quarter, despite growth in May, the economic dynamics of exports are negative (-31.5%), conditioned by the sharp declines in previous months, and summary declines that affect all groupings, the most renewable consumer goods (-54.9%), energy (-42.7%) And capital goods (-41.3%). In the same period, also for import, economic decline (-26.9%) it's generalized and it's (-51.3%), durable consumer goods (-49,3%) capital goods (-33.5%).

The estimate of the trade balance in May 2020 is equal to 4,149 million (was 4,334 million in May 2019). Decreases surplus in non-energy products interchange (from 7,806 may 2019 to a record of 5,230 million for May 2020).

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