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05 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:26 GMT+2

July 6, 2020

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Approved of the amendment to Decreto I throw again on the self-handler in the ports

It previews that, if authorized to the self-handler, the ships must be endowed of adequate mechanical means and of suitable staff dedicated exclusively to the development of the operation

Friday to the Chamber, in the within of the emendative proposals to the bill "Conversion in law of the decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34, bringing urgent measures in health matter, support to the job and the economy, let alone of connected social policies to the epidemiologica emergency from COVID-19", the amendment on the self-handler in the ports is approved of that the shipowning organizations had asked to withdraw and whose approval was supported by the unions.

The amendment, that we publish below and that proposes the bringing addition of the article 199-second "Dispositions in matter of harbour operations", was introduced by the deputies of the Party Democratic Davide Gariglio, Vincenza Bruno Bossio, Laura Cantini, Romina Mura and Debora Serracchiani, and from the deputy Luca Pastorino di Liberi and Uguali.

Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have thanked the deputies who have voted it: "this norm of great civilization that we claimed from 20 years - has commented the three labor organizations - a better development of the traffics ro-ro in all the Italian ports will allow, strengthening the entire system through the protection of the rights of the workers against the exploitation, safeguarding the balance of organic of the ports, guaranteeing the efficient services and in safety". Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have expressed also satisfaction "for the resources which put on in favor of the enterprises art.17 as a result of the changed economic conditions for the consisting decrease of the traffics after the sanitary emergency".

Emendativa proposal 199.06. (new formulation)

After article 199, to add the following one:

Art. 199-second.
(Dispositions in matter of harbour operations)

1. Al fine to face the emergencies deriving from the epidemic from COVID-19 and to favor the resumption of the harbour activities, to article 16 of the 28 law January 1994, n. ? 84, are brought the following modifications:
a) the letter d) of codicil 4 is repealed;
b) after codicil 4 the following ones are inserted:
"4-second. In case it is not possible to satisfy the question of development of harbour operations neither by means of the authorized enterprises according to codicil 3 of anticipates article neither through the resource to the enterprise or the agency for the supply of temporary harbour job of which, respective, to codicils 2 and 5 of article 17, the ship is authorized to carry out the operations in self-handler regime on condition that:
a) it is equipped of adapted mechanical means;
b) it is equipped of suitable, additional staff regarding the organic one of the table of safety and exercise of the ship and dedicated exclusively to the development of such operations;
c) the fee is paid and is lend suitable bail. 4-ter. The authorization of which to the codicil 4-second advance verification of the subsistence of requirement and the conditions previewed there is released. Such authorization is not comprised in the maximum number of which to codicil 7".

2. With I decree of the Minister of infrastructures and of the transports, to adopt within thirty days from the date of effectiveness of the law of conversion of anticipates decrees, establishes the dispositions for the performance of the codicils 4-second and 4-ter of article 16 of the 28 law January 1994, n. ? 84, introduced from codicil 1 of anticipate article, also relatively to the determination of the fee and the bail and to the fixation of the terms of the procedure, taking into consideration the requirements of economization of the services of local public transport short beam.

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