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05 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:27 GMT+2

July 22, 2020

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Fedespedi report on the impact of the health crisis on the Freight

Moretto: supporting logistics, shipping and transport goods is key to boosting trade Cheap

The Study Centre of the National Federation of Business International Shipments (Fedespedi) processed the report "The Impact of the Covid-19", an analysis of the effects economic and the consequences on freight transport of the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on transport maritime and cargo aircraft.

The report highlights the economic significance of the crisis and, in In particular, the very serious impact of the pandemic on the international trade and, specifically, on Italian trade with non-EU countries that, in the first five months of 2020, suffered a sharp contraction: -16.8% for exports, -19.2% for imports. The Document states that in May Italian trade with countries outside the EU marked a first turning point with a sharp increase exports (up 37.6%) compared to April, while imports (-2.4%) still suffering from weak demand Internal.

The report notes that the collapse in international trade reflects, of course, on container traffic that still in May 11.4% worldwide. As far as maritime traffic, Italy's main ports have down -8.2% in the january-May 2020 period, negative result, which is attributable in particular to the months of April and May, where values were around -30%, as in the case of Genoa. The development of the crisis - also notes the Centre for Fedespedi Studies - is also observable from the trend of cost of the walnuts which, after a decision to decrease until May, have started to get back to the resumption of traffic Maritime.

The air cargo sector is the hardest hit with an estimate of -16.8% for 2020 in terms of CTK (cargo &mail t-Km). In Italy, in the first five months of 2020, air transport fell by -26.7% with peaks of -51.8% in Rome FCO and -41.3% in Bergamo Orio al Serio. As of May, a major turnaround has begun: in fact, although well below the values reached in May 2019 (-40.1%), compared to April, recorded a growth of 31.8%.

"The economic picture that emerges - commented the President of Fedespedi, Silvia Moretto - is troubling, but knowing it allows us to be more prepared in front of challenges now pose. It won't be an easy path: international trade has been heavily penalised by the phase of closures and Europe will emerge from this crisis with more damage than others, I think of China and Asia in general. There however, they are important positive signs that should not be overlooked. First, the fact that Italy has come out of the lockdown many other countries and industrial production is Recovering. The asymmetry of the crisis affects import-export but This time can be used to plan and plan gain an edge over competitors. Europe has also cohesive in the emergency response. The results of the negotiations in the European Council are important and pave the way a stronger and more competitive Europe, even from the point of view of economic view. Return stronger in the scenario of the international trade is vital for Europe and above all Italy, whose GDP is driven by import-export. Supporting logistics, shipping and freight transport is key to enabling manufacturers to internationalize and give new impetus, therefore, to trade economics.'

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