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02 December 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:17 GMT+1

July 27, 2020

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Published the guide EU in order to facilitate the gradual restart of the activity of the cruise ships blocked from the pandemic

It identifies the measures in order to limit the contagion risk to adopt is on board that to earth

The European Agency for marine safety (EMSA) and the European Center for the prevention and the control of diseases (ECDC) has published a guide in which the modalities are introduced in order to facilitate the gradual restart of the activity of the cruise ships, that still the limitations to the travels introduced for the pandemic of Covid-19 are blocked because of. The guide follows an approach based on the objectives and identifies the measures to adopt is on board that to earth in order to face the relative issues to the health of the passengers, the crews and the communities visited to the aim to mitigate the risk of transmission of the contagion.

The publication recommends to establish, to verify and to apply the measures in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 are on board of the ship that during the phases of boarding and disembarkation of the passengers and it evidences that to operate in fleeting safety any ship it normally demands the involvement of various parts: from the company of navigation and the crew to the port and the terminal where the ship berths and from where the passengers leave in order to reach the tourist destinations. The recommendations of EMSA and ECDC centralize therefore in particular on the promotion of the cooperation between all the parts that are involved in the course of a cruise.

In the specific one, the guide exhorts the crocieristiche companies to develop a plan of management based on a risk assessment Covid-19 made-to-measure for their activities, that she includes also initiatives for the reduction of the risk, let alone to develop to a plan of management for every State, port and terminal reached from the cruise ships, with the proposal of specific measures. Moreover the guide recommends that the crocieristica company and the port/terminal to which will land the ship agree measures in advance, between which forms of cooperation in the event that on board of the ship there is a coronavirus breeding ground.

Guide, that she is thought for cruise ships that fly flags of countries of the European Union and of European Economic Spazio that they are engaged in international travels and for the cruise ships that call in a port UE/SEE, recommends moreover the grip observance of practical that already they are indicated by the sanitary and governmental authorities in order to prevent the contagion to earth, between which the physical distanziamento, the corrected modalities in order to prevent the transmitted risks of infection sneezing or coughing, the meticulous hygiene of the hands and to avoid to touch the face, the nose, the eyes and the mouth. Moreover the precise guide who the use of a mask makes them would have to be considered as a complementary measure, above all when it is not possible to maintain the distanziamento physical.

Remembering that "the pandemic of Covid-19 has stopped the industry of the cruises" and emphasizing that "before to take in consideration the possibility to return to this type of vacation, the passengers must be reassured from the adoption of the most elevated standards than safety, demanded also for those cities that will receive them in the course of the travel", the European commissioner to the Transports, Adina Valean, have evidenced that "the guide of EMSA and ECDC supplies concrete recommendations to the naval operators and the harbour authorities who would have to be put into effect before the cruises are restarted. Memory - it has emphasized Valean - than on the crocieristici operators falls back in last the responsibility for their passengers and their crews and them invitation to put into effect the lines guides today introduced, working to tightened contact with the harbour authorities for the sure resumption of their services".

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