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30 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:12 GMT+2

September 2, 2020

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Fit-Cisl denounces Contship Italia's no to the extension of the integration fund for port workers in Cagliari

Sardinia's AdSP announces a softening of the decline in passenger traffic

Fit-Cisl complained that Contship Italia did not sign the extension of the integration fund for the 200 port workers in the container terminal at the Port Canal of Cagliari that the company terminalist - through the Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) - managed for almost twenty years until the activity in mid-2019, which resulted in the use of extraordinary integration fund for business closure for employees of the terminally ill company.

The trade union organisation called it "incredible and incomprehensible" the company's decision: "we are - Cisl Cagliari's secretary general, Mimmo Contu, and the regional secretary of Fit-Cisl, Corrado Pani - deeply bewildered by what he felt during the 7 p.m. today (yesterday, ndr)first September, convened by MISE. We consider it absurd, unfounded and such statements because with the work done in these weeks in concert with MISE and Sardinia Region, despite the fact that the problems caused by the pandemic, had come to work out an implementation decree within the August Decree, which would have guaranteed six-month extension of the Cigs and a cost of zero for same company."

"In light of what has happened," concluded Contu and Pani - like Cisl and Fit-Cisl Sardinia we will reserve to check if there are all the conditions for promoting, in the relevant forums, all the necessary actions to protect workers. At the same time, tomorrow itself work and promote with other organizations trade unions in concert with the ministries and the Sardinian region, all initiatives that allow the highest protections but above all the safeguarding all workers' professionalism port authorities.'

Meanwhile, the Port Authority of the Sea of Sardinia has announced that the traffic of passengers Sardinia's main ports show a marked reversal of trend compared to the global negative, with data specified the institution - "contrary to what is assumed, the last spring, they return less dramatic figures and a strong signal of recovery and adaptation of the shipping sector from and from for the island."

In particular, the AdSP pointed out that after the growth of the 7.6% and 10.8% of passenger traffic at Sardinian ports January and February respectively, with the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic traffic marked a drop 69.3% in March last year, followed by a dramatic contraction in the -95.4% in April, which then gradually subsided -89.1%, -74.9%, -43.6% and -22.7% in the following months June, July and August. Altogether in the first eight 2020, the total number of passengers disembarked at the ports of Cagliari, Olbia, Gulf Oranges and Porto Torres was almost 1.1 million units, down -37.0% on same period last year, while passengers on board were 956 thousand (-39.5%).

"We certainly cannot rejoice in the result of maritime trades in the first eight months of this horrible 2020 -- he President of the AdSP of the Sardinian Sea, Massimo Deiana -- but, at the same time, we must be satisfied with the recorded in the summer period. August, compared to general fears of the shipping sector - noted Deiana - has given an entirely unexpected response, containing a negative trend unprecedented and bringing losses back to just over 22% compared to the total zeroing of the movement to which we witnessed, impassively, last spring."

Deiana pointed out that these are numbers that highlight exceptional effort for recovery, particularly for body temperature checks carried out by the ADSP on more than one million passengers (100%) coming in the last three months: "If the stops in the Sardinian port system have managed to giving a firm shoulder to the crisis, he explained, is mainly thanks to the tireless work of the maritime cluster and often facing unsostanding rules has been able to ensure the safety of connections, without interruptions or particular inconvenience to the user. The system ports responded well to flows however ensuring, on the way, temperature detection more than a million people and, at the outset, the background checks security, as required by current law.'

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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