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22 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 13:17 GMT+2

September 4, 2020

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Reorganization of the APL social team in Livorno with the entry of four new members

AdSP's share fell further to 3.15%

Today, through an increase in capital and redistribution shares among the historical shareholders, four companies entered the Agency for Work in Porto (ALP), the only social group of the Agency for Work in Porto (ALP), the only authorised under art. 17 of the act 84/94 temporary port work in the port of Livorno. With the transaction now nine shareholders each hold 10.69% of the capital ALP: Terminal Darsena Tuscany Srl, Uniport S.C., L.T.M. Srl, Lorenzini & C. Srl, CILP Srl, SDT Srl, Company Livorno S.C., Seatrag Highways of the Sea Ltd. and Sintermar Spa. The remaining shares are owned by Black Deposits Coastal Spa (0.45%), Terminal Calata Orlando Srl (0.19%) and Authorities Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Port System (3.15%). The latter had been authorised at the end of 2014 by the then Port Authority of Livorno to acquire on Agency's share to prevent its implementation of the initially equal to 49% of the capital ( 20 November and 3 December 2014).

"It's for me," commented the sole administrator of ALP, Matthew Trumpy -- a great honor to have been able to bring to such an important achievement as that, on the one hand, to broaden the social group of the ALP society, and, on the other hand, that of having equated the shares between the members, old and new products, as well as maintaining a representation of the ADSP scaled back, as predicted, but no less Important. This result, which has long been hoped for, now finds its and finally reinforces the identity of alP for too long and too many times it has been questioned. Now a new corporate phase opens where all the major operators of the port of Livorno will be able to actively participate in the determining the future and role of society."

"Today," Trumpy continued, "we enjoy this moment, so important for the entire port system in Livorno, with the belief that many things still need to be done but that the has reversed and we can begin to think about the future without worrying about living in the present, having surpassed particularly complicated moments in an extremely delicate phase for the country's economy and the fortunes of our port, under enormous stresses and potential changes. For this result I must necessarily thank the historical members of ALP: TDT, Uniport, LTM, CILP, Lorenzini and AdSP and its representations for the support and contribution provided and at the same time the new members who, at the expense of all hesitations, they decided to share the corporate path."

"Always," recalled the President of the Authority Port System of the North Tyrrhenian Sea, Stefano Corsini - the AdSP worked to ensure that the ultimate goal of its entry into the ALP was the enlargement of the social base to the highest as many port operators as possible, as is natural in the Agency's configuration under the law and this objective today can be said to have been achieved also because I am convinced operators who are still absent will soon be able to join other members. In addition to the strategic level, the entry of new members also sets the stage for AdSP's granting of the contribution under art. It is not the first time that the European Parliament has been involved in this debate. I thank President Trumpy, his associates and the Secretary-General Massimo Provinciali for the tenacity with which they this goal even in difficult times for organization of work in port."

Satisfaction with the reorganization of the APL's social team was also expressed by the mayor of Livorno, Luca Salvetti, councillor at Porto, Barbara Bonciani: "We believe the expansion of the ALP's social group - highlighted Bonciani - very important even in light of the difficult time that the city and the port community are living in due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on port companies, those in the integrated supply chain and Workers. The ability to make communities and work in a system perspective will be key to addressing new economic and social challenges posed by the crisis, including work and the competitiveness of the city-port system are of central importance."

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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