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27 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:14 GMT+2

September 8, 2020

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BIFA accuses containerized shipping companies of apply a forest of unjustified surcharges

Keen: Some surcharges should already be included inside the noli

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) welcomed favoring the announcement by some shipping companies containers to suspend the application of the supersulles introduced as a measure to offset the increase in the cost of fuel caused by the obligation from the beginning of 2020 to use fuel low sulfur content.

"To the shippers," the director stressed general of the BIFA, Robert Keen - don't like surcharges of any nature applied by shipping companies and we hope other companies follow suit and suspend their low surcharge, in addition to - pointed out Keen - to reconsider the policies on the application of surcharges for everything from the imbalance of container flows to the congestion of ports. In recent years -- pointed out Keen -- the number of surcharges and fees continued to grow, often without a real explanation or justification."

Keen recalled that BIFA has long disputed the legitimacy of surcharges introduced by the companies and accused shipping carriers of speculation when in 2018 they announced almost in unison that they would introduced the low sulphur surcharge long before entering 1 January 2020 of the IMO 2020 Regulation, which establishes the obligation for ships to use low-fueled fuels sulfur content.

"Although I welcome the news of the suspension sopranos for low sulphur fuel -- he continued the Director-General of the Association of UK shippers -- in the last few days I've heard that a company is introducing a surcharge for the merchant haulage, while another is adding a surcharge for the container compliance. The shippers - said Keen - do everything they can to minimize the effects of surcharge, but in the end at least some of the costs have to be transferred to customers and sometimes you have the unjust perception that the our associates' fault."

"If a loader enters into a contract to acquire goods - noted Keen - should know exactly what he is paying and that price shouldn't change. If they use Incoterms can buy Ex Works or FOB and control the supply chain. If let their supplier arrange the shipment, not have no control over the expenses applied. But either way - noted the director general of BIFA -- they shouldn't additional surcharges imposed by the insurance companies may be allowed. navigation.'

"Where is it ," Keen concluded -- the justification for adding a surcharge for overheads included in the managing a container's shipping activity? Some surcharges should already be included within the rentals, management of any necessary fluctuations with respect to that figure.'

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