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28 February 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:39 GMT+1

January 21, 2021

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Chinese seaports moved 9.48 in 2020 billion tons of goods (+3.2%)

Easing of growth in the latter part of the year. The international traffic alone amounted to 4.00 billion tonnes (+3.9%)

Last year, Chinese ports moved a total of 14.55 billion tons of goods, with growth of +4.3% 2019, an increase that was mitigated at the end of 2019, 2020, in particular with regard to freight traffic with foreign ports moved by port ports. Traffic only moved last year by Chinese seaports is totalled 9.48 billion tonnes (+3.2%), while the one moved by the inland ports was 5.07 billion tonnes (+6.4%). International traffic only globally moved by Chinese ports has been 4.49 billion tonnes (+4.0%), of which 4.00 billion tonnes tonnes moveded by seaports (+3.9%) and 490.1 million tonnes from in-house ports (+5.5%).

In 2020, the largest volume of traffic moved from the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan with 1.17 billion tonnes (+4.7%) followed by tangshan ports with 702.6 million (+7.0%), Shanghai with 651.0 million tonnes (-1,9%). The 2020 ranking for freight traffic only with foreign moved by Chinese ports sees in first place always Ningbo-Zhoushan with 536.8 million tons (+4.7%) followed by Qingdao with 444.6 million tons (+5.9%), Shanghai with 338.6 million tonnes (-2.0%), Rizhao with 319.1 million tonnes tonnes (+5.1%), Tangshan with 295.9 million tonnes (+6.7%), Tianjin with 284.7 million tonnes (+2.2%), Shenzhen with 189.0 million tonnes (+6.0%), Dalian with 163.5 million tonnes tons (-1.0%), Yantai with 144.1 million tons (+1.7%) And Guangzhou with 142.2 million tons (0%).

In 2020, the only container traffic passed through the chinese ports amounted to 264.3 million teu, with a increase of +1.2% on the previous year, of which 234.3 million moved by seaports (+1.5%) and 30.0 million teu from inland ports (-0.5%). The higher volumes of traffic containerized were moved from shanghai ports with 43.5 million teu (+0.5%), Ningbo-Zhoushan with 28.7 million teu (+4.3%), Shenzhen with 26.5 million teu (+3.0%), Guangzhou with 23.2 million teu (+1.5%), Qingdao with 22.0 million teu (+4.7%), Tianjin with 18.3 million teu (+6.1%) and Xiamen with 11.4 million teu (+2.5%).

In the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, Chinese ports 3.94 billion tonnes of goods, with an increase of +8.1% over the corresponding period of the year of which 2.46 billion tonnes were moveded by ports maritime workers (+4.9%) and 1.48 billion from in-house ports (+13.7%). The international traffic alone amounted to 1.13 billion tonnes (+3.6%), of which 996.8 million tonnes passed through seaports (+2.9%) and 131.6 million through the inland port (+8.6%).

In the last quarter of last year, traffic containerised amounted to 71.7 million teu (+8.8%), of which 63.1 million teu moved from seaports (+9.0%) And 8.6 million teu from in-house ports (+7.9%).

In December 2020 alone, the total traffic of goods amounted to 1.30 billion tonnes, with a increase of +5.5% on December 2019, of which 807.8 million tonnes in seaports (+3.0%) and 493.2 million in ports (+9.7%). International traffic alone was equal to total to 362.8 million tonnes (+1.9%), of which 318.8 million tonnes million tonnes in seaports (+1.7%) and 44.1 million in inland ports (+3.3%).

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