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23 October 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 17:11 GMT+2

October 1, 2021

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Scheduled maritime connections strengthened in 2021 of Italy with China, Holland and Spain

Among Italy's other main trading partners, stable maritime connections with the USA while weakened those with Germany, France, united Kingdom and Belgium

This year the commercial ties between Italy and its own main business partners maintained through the network of international containerized maritime services have strengthened with regard to China, the Netherlands and Spain, while weakened those with other nations with which Italy has consistent trade in terms of import-export value. This is highlighted by the Liner Shipping Bilateral Connectivity Index (LSBCI), the new index defined by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to assess the level of integration of a pair of nations in the world's maritime transport network of line, an indicator that is developed on the basis of the index Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (LSCI) developed by UNCTAD in relation to the first quarter of the year.

The LSBCI index is defined by five components: the number of transhipments in ports necessary to transport goods from a nation to the other; the number of direct connections common to the two nations; the number of common direct connections for the pair of nations with a transhipment; the level of competition relating to services connecting the two nations; the size of the ship plus great on the less busy route connecting the two nations.

With regard to the indicators of the nations with which in 2021 Italy has strengthened ties by sea, that concerning China, after a growth of +0.3% in 2020, this year it recorded a further increase of +2.9%. More accentuated the increase in connections between Italy and Spain, with a relative index that in 2020 marked an increase of +1.7% and in 2021 by +5.9%. The intensity index is also on the rise of the maritime connections between Italy and the Netherlands which, however, after a increase of +2.8% in 2020, in 2021 it showed only a slight increase of +0.4%.

If the 2021 indicator of maritime connections of line between Italy and the United States was stable compared to to the previous year, after it had shown a sharp decline in 2020 by -10.8%, the indices for 2021 for all the others Italy's main trading partners have marked a decline from that relating to Germany which is result down by -0.4% after an increase of +4.6% in 2020. The reduction in connections is also not very pronounced in 2021 maritime between Italy and Belgium, with a -0.8% followed by +2.6% for 2020. More relevant, however, is the reduction the efficiency of maritime connections between Italy and the United Kingdom with a -1.5% relative to 2021 that follows the increase of +3.9% marked in 2020, as well as the reduction of -2.1% the efficiency of maritime connections between Italy and France relating to 2021 which follows a decrease of -1.3% marked in the 2020.

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