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21 October 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:08 GMT+2

October 13, 2021

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The mandatory green pass for work also agitates the ports and logistics

CLPT and USB announce protest actions in the airports of Trieste and Genoa. Confetra FVG denounces: ideological strike. Blackbird (Federlogistica) accuses the government. Franchini (Free Wheels): suspend the entry into force of the green certificate for the entire transport chain

The protest against the obligation to possess the "green pass" to carry out work activities, which will enter into vigor on Friday, also arrived on the docks, with the Coordination of Port Workers of Trieste that threatens to block operations in the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone from from that date and with the Port of Genoa section of the Union Basic Trade Union (USB) that called the workers to a garrison to be held tomorrow at the headquarters of the Authority of Port System of the Western Ligurian Sea. The CLPT calls for the removal of the green pass obligation not only for workers of the port but for all categories of workers, while the USB calls for free molecular salivary swabs for all workers and at the expense of companies that - underlined the union - "with our work makes profits."

Confetra Friuli Venezia Giulia has manifested its opposition to an abstention from work that according to the Confederation of Maritime, Logistics and Port Enterprises of the Region was proclaimed for ideological reasons. 'For how important respect for the rights of individuals can be - observed the confederation - the defense of the same can not damage the entire system: in the situation in which our although we are here, the port system of Trieste would be irreparably devastated by an ideological strike against a law of the State, which entrepreneurs find themselves suffering so much as much as the workers, with more serious burdens placed on them charged by the institutions'.

The Regional Confederation recalled that "on explicit written request of the Ministry of the Interior, terminal operators ports represented by Confetra FVG have decided to reimburse, each enterprise for its direct employees only, the cost of tampons, in order to give the opportunity to its staff unvaccinated to get the green pass. As explained at Prefect of Trieste and the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, this availability, to be valid up to at 31 December 2021, is conditional on the recovery and maintenance of the regular and full operation of the operations at the port of Trieste from 16 October. That's how much, concretely, companies can do, despite this however, it will not be enough to solve all the problems application of national provisions, adopted in our opinion above our heads and without a prior and adequate comparison, in the merit, on the part of the competent ministries'.

Remembering that from the logistics system of the port of Trieste depends on the livelihood of more than 10,000 families, including direct and indirect work, and that companies in the sector have invested for years in the activities and training of collaborators, acquired trades and given work to thousands of people, even during the most acute phase of the pandemic, Confetra FVG warned that "if he does not come defused this short circuit between institutions and citizens, we risk burning in a few weeks 15 years of work and development, with serious consequences for employment levels which they will last for many years to come. In the face of instability due to unrest and uncertainty about full operation of the port - denounced the Confederation - the goods are already taking other roads, to other European ports. Every day hundreds of trucks arrive and depart, and thousands of containers are embarked or disembarked at the port of Trieste and now choose other ports. If operations are stopped, the goods will find other roads safer and will not return easily back'.

Referring instead to the government's exhortation to businesses port to bear the costs for molecular or antigenic tests rapid, the president of Federlogistica-Conftrasporto, Luigi Merlo, he denounced that in doing so "the State now bends to unacceptable blackmail. And this - he added - is the ripe fruit of an underlying distortion: when it comes to dealing with issues concerning ports, only insipidity and superficiality. From time to time - explained Merlo - we attend the commissioner of the Ministry of Infrastructure: it had happened with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage on the Venice case, totally disempowering the competences of the Ministry of Infrastructure; it is repeated today with the Ministry of the Interior that on green pass intervenes in ports without knowing them and without having the minimal idea of how they work, what balances they characterize, even what relationships exist between dealers and State. And this - concluded Merlo - means undermine a backbone of our economy. The Ministry of Infrastructure should have a jolt of pride and carry out the function that should be his".

Referring instead not to the port sector, but to that of road transport, the activity of which is, however, closely interconnected with that of the ports, Free Wheels, the representation of companies in the road transport sector of the goods, urged to suspend the entry into force of the certificate green for the entire transport chain. Sounding an alarm on dangers that could fall on the Country-System, the spokeswoman of Free Wheels, Cinzia Franchini, said that it is "difficult make estimates, but if it is true that about 30% of truck drivers do not is vaccinated, between Italians and non-Italians, the risk of a paralysis of a vital sector for the Italian economy is concrete. To avoid a similar drift and the consequent tensions, always to be censored - Franchini pointed out - it is inevitable exempt this supply chain, including also the operators of the logistics and the dockers who in these hours have launched an appeal similar, from the obligation to show the green pass».

"We are talking - continued Franchini - of a category that it has never stopped, even in the hardest moments of the pandemic. With the country barricaded in the house, no one has obviously thought of exempting hauliers from working and from traveling, putting one's life at risk. Now, in the awareness that all hauliers comply with the rules of the distancing and use of the mask and that for them in the companies are provided dedicated paths to minimize the close contacts, we believe that common sense imposes a rethinking on the green pass theme. We also remind you that not yet it has been clarified what kind of rules will apply to carriers Foreign Affairs. If they are exempt from the green pass, why should Italian carriers adopt it? The impression, one more time - complained the spokeswoman of Ruote Libere - is that the government in legislating does not have in the least in mind what it means being a haulier, just think, for example, how the rules on driving and rest times make it complete the alternative route of the tampon is not viable".

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