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29 November 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:56 GMT+1

November 22, 2021

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ICS, governments cannot fail to approve the five-year fund billions for the decarbonization of shipping

Platten: research and development fund offers governments the opportunity to show that their words have a meaning

Today began the seventy-seventh session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), a meeting which will end on Friday and that is considered crucial for establish the strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by maritime transport, in particular because the representatives of the 174 Member States participating in the meeting they will have to decide whether this strategy will be hinged on resources made available by a research and development fund of the worth five billion dollars whose creation was proposed two years ago by the main associations international shipping ( of 18 December 2019). A fund, the IMO Maritime Research Fund (IMRF) - recalled today one of these associations, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) "which would be paid in full from industry, at no cost to governments or taxpayers, fund that would be used to accelerate the rapid growth of the Technological Maturity Level (TRL) in order to ensure zero-carbon fuels that can be used from the great oceanic ships".

The shipping industry does not understand the reasons that could cause IMO states not to approve the creation of the bottom. "If governments do not support the IMRF - he confirmed the president of the ICS, Esben Poulsson - we must ask ourselves the question: because. The bottom is very simple. Something respect to which one would think that the governments would have done it immediately own to send a clear message to the world on their serious intention to achieve their goals climatic'.

The ICS has highlighted that the fund is not only easy implementation, but now it is also supported by the main world maritime nations, including Denmark, Greece, Japan, Panama, Singapore and the United Kingdom, as well as developing nations such as Liberia, Nigeria and Palau, which together represent the majority of the world shipping industry.

The ICS then called on the IMO States to approve the research and development fund in order to make it operational by 2023, so that by 2023 they can be put into service numerous zero-emission ships and ensure that the objective of zero-emission shipping by 2050 can become a reality.

For the International Chamber of Shipping, the current meeting of the MEPC is an opportunity to ensure that all this come true: "this - said the Secretary General of the ICS, Guy Platten - it really is the first map of litmus test from COP26 on government commitments for the decarbonisation. The five-billion research and development fund of dollars gives governments the opportunity to demonstrate that their words have a meaning and that they are serious about the transition to a zero-carbon sector. To COP26 - added Platten - governments have announced many plans, but we need to make sure we have zero technologies carbon emissions needed to achieve them concretely. Thing important, as provided for by the research and development fund, is may this apply to everyone and not just to a few."

Also the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), the association representing suppliers of marine fuels, highlighted the importance of the MEPC meeting of this week, whose decisions will have a major impact on the marine fuels sector and to ensure that the market can respond with the right type of fuels and technological solutions. For IBIA, in fact, it is important ensure that fuels and technologies are technically feasible, safe to use and truly sustainable. The association also stressed the importance of the measures that will be taken to reduce the price difference between fuels fossil fuels and low-emission alternative fuels.

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