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November 26, 2021

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Shipowners disappointed by the outcome of the Maritime session IMO Environment Protection Committee

Platten: It's almost as if COP26 was never occurred. At the antipodes Lim (IMO): really steps taken important, particularly after COP26

The outcome of the seventy-seventh session of the Maritime Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which ended today, has disappointed the shipowners who had requested that governments accept the proposal of the shipping industry to set up a research fund and mandatory five billion dollar development, funded from the same sector, in order to define technologies that allow the decarbonisation of maritime transport and to achieve the goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050. 'I governments - commented the enraged Guy Platten, secretary general of the association of shipowners and maritime operators International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) - cannot continue to postpone the problem. Each delay takes us further away from reaching of urgent climate objectives'

Satisfied, however, the Secretary General of the IMO, Kitack Lim: "I believe - he said addressing the representatives of the governments that participated in MEPC 77 at the end of the meeting - that you have taken up the challenge by obtaining different results Important. You have - he explained - carried on the discussion on short-, medium- and long-term measures based on results of meetings 9 and 10 of the intersessional working group on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships and, most importantly - added Lim - you have agreed to start the review of the initial strategy of the IMO on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships with concrete proposals to be considered in the next session for review. The steps you have taken in this session - supported Lim - they were really important, particularly after COP26'.

The Secretary General of the ICS has a completely different opinion: "we are disappointed - Platten recriminated - that words and commitments hired by governments at COP26 have not yet been translated into actions. This week's meetings missed the opportunity to pursue a series of measures to reduce greenhouse gases that would accelerate the development of zero-emission ships that are urgently needed in significant numbers to decarbonise the our industry. It's almost - it's Platten's observation diametrically opposed to that of Lim - as if COP26 were not never happened"."

If Platten pointed out the urgency of adopting measures that enable the shipping industry to achieve its objectives emission reduction, for the Secretary-General of the IMO, instead, it seems that this haste is unjustified: "at the beginning of the session - said Lim to the delegates of the MEPC 77 - via I had asked to be courageous and to ensure that our sector to example and provide tangible progress with respect to the our efforts to decarbonize international shipping. You made evident your determination - it is the praise of a (yes would say) enthusiastic Lim - when you started the review of the our initial greenhouse gas strategy in sight of the adoption by the MEPC 80 in 2023. Strengthening ambition of the IMO's initial greenhouse gas strategy during its revision will be essential."

A victory, therefore, according to Lim. A defeat, on the contrary, for Platten. But the International Chamber of Shipping says that he does not intend to give up at all: "we will continue - he said its Secretary-General - to work with governments to agree a number of measures that the industry has proposed, including the five billion dollars research and development as a step immediate followed by a shipping tax on the price of carbon. The adoption of both these measures - he reiterated Platten - will be the only way to achieve emissions net from maritime transport equal to zero by 2050, ensuring at the same time, a just transition that leaves no one behind."

"Industry - continued the Secretary General of the ICS - will continue to put pressure on the IMO to act, given the importance of tackling climate change it is too big to give it up. There was a clear recognition by many countries of the urgent need for significantly increase spending on research and development. But - ha concluded a frustrated Platten - we are disappointed that it is not enough time has been dedicated to allow in this session IMO Member States to take a decision on the fund from five billion dollars."


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