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24 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:53 GMT+1

November 30, 2021

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Grimaldi (ALIS): making contributions Marebonus and Ferrobonus structural or at least confirm them until 2030

Desirable - specified the president of the association - increase the financial envelope to at least EUR 100 million annual for each measure

Make Marebonus and Ferrobonus contributions structural or at least confirm them until 2030. He asked for it today on President of the Intermodality Logistics Association Sustainable (ALIS), Guido Grimaldi, in his speech to the assembly of the association and to the States General of Transport and logistics, explaining that it is "fair and ethical, as is the case in other European countries, concretely support those national road haulage and logistics companies that have chosen just the way of intermodality for the transport of their goods. We therefore believe - he underlined - that the choices and the investments by these entrepreneurs, aimed at the development of the sustainability, should be rewarded and accompanied, for example, with incentive measures such as Marebonus and Ferrobonus'.

"Taking a step back - Grimaldi recalled -, a the first incentive aimed at the road haulage sector was the then Ecobonus introduced in 2002 by Law no. 265/2002 and financed with 77 million euros for each of the years of the three-year period 2007-2009 with the 2008 Finance Law. Such a virtuous contribution was then converted into the Marebonus and Ferrobonus measures, introduced by the 2016 Stability Law and financed with around €50 million for each measure for each of the years of the three-year period 2016-2018 and, then, refinanced until 2026 from the 2021 Budget Law which unfortunately reduced the financial resources for 2021 to about 25 million euro for each measure. However, given that these measures virtuous are intended for road haulage operators and logistics, which have contributed decisively to the growth and the development of sustainable transport, at least allocate the same value as the first incentive. Therefore, we welcomed the two directorial decrees of the MIMS that, thanks to the requests also promoted by ALIS, redefine the amounts by providing for an appropriation, for the only 2021, which goes from 25 to 45 million euros for the Marebonus and from 25 to 50 million euros for Ferrobonus. However, so that you can produce greater benefits in the direction of the 2030 Agenda of the UN for Sustainable Development - noted the president of ALIS - it would be desirable to make these structural contributions or at least confirm them until 2030, increasing the budget financial at least up to 100 million euros per year for each measure'.


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