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27 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:30 GMT+1

December 3, 2021

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ClassNK issued a class certificate to the first ship to the world for the transport of liquid hydrogen

It was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Today at the Suiso Frontier,the first ship in the world for the transport of liquid hydrogen completed at the end of 2019 by the construction site Naval Kobe Works of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), is a class certificate has been assigned by the company of Japanese classNK classification. The latter, specifying that hydrogen is liquefied at the very low temperature of -253 degrees celsius and is a fuel that has several risks including flammability and permeability, has Recalling that, in order to contribute to its safe transport, in 2017 it published specific guidelines on the basis of the Interim Reccomendations for Carriage of Liquefied Hydrogen in Bulk of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has highlighted that hydrogen is a clean energy that does not emit CO2 when it is burned and will widely used worldwide as a fuel for energy production, for cars and motorcycles, for ships and aircraft and for other purposes. KHI specified that the new unit Naval Suiso Frontier is part of the strategy of the company aimed at building the entire hydrogen supply chain liquid starting from its production and storage to its use and that is pursued in collaboration with several companies with the aim of realizing a future in which hydrogen will be commonly used as oil and gas natural.


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