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17 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:35 GMT+1

January 5, 2022

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Confitarma, the new requirements for the Super Green Pass hold account of the specificities of maritime labour

Mattioli: it is a question of protecting and identifying solutions to hoc for workers who risk heavy penalties from such Measures

The Italian Shipowners' Confederation (Confitarma) has warned that the new measures to obtain the Covid-19 Green Certification will introduce new difficulties for seafarers. "In confirming that Confitarma has always been absolutely in favour of the measures that the government has taken to facing the pandemic, even those taken these days - he explained the president of the shipowning organization, Mario Mattioli - we express our deep concern about armament national for the consequences that such rules may have on maritime workers and on the operation of our ships if, in their practical application, it will not be held in due consider the specificity of maritime work. Me I refer, in particular - Mattioli clarified - to the new provisions requiring, from 10 January 2022, the possession of the Super Green Pass to travel on transport and, from the first February 2022, the reduction of the duration of the green certification nine to six months.'

According to Confitarma, it is therefore absolutely necessary protect specific cases in order to avoid significant problems at seafarers and shipping companies, starting from those Italian, EU and non-EU seafarers vaccinated with vaccines approved by EMA and AIFA or with those recognized equivalent from the Ministry of Health to which, from the first of February 2022, due to the reduction of the validity from nine to six months, the green certification will expire during their boarding. The Confederation explained that these seafarers, being on board, they almost never have the opportunity to make the third dose and should therefore be allowed to continue to work on Italian flag ships until their disembarkation and, with reference to seafarers residing in Italy, to be able to use the usual means of transport for their repatriation, and return home, protection that, as is known - he recalled Confitarma - it is also provided for by the Convention International Maritime Labour (MLC, 2006).

A second case is that of seafarers non-EU citizens who are not vaccinated with EMA-approved vaccines and AIFA or with those recognized as equivalent by the Ministry of Bless you. In many non-EU countries, where a large number come from consisting of seafarers embarked on ships of Italian flag - detected Confitarma - it is not possible to access vaccines mentioned above, but other vaccines are used that, although recognized by the WHO, do not allow to obtain the Certification Green. For Confitarma, it would be necessary to allow such seafarers, if they land on Italian territory, to be able to access the usual means of transport, even if vaccinated with vaccine not approved by EMA and in any case with a negative swab, solely for the purpose of their repatriation to the country of residence.

Further serious problems - he still observed the Confederation - could be determined if it were to be introduced the vaccination obligation for the purpose of access to the places of work, without taking due account of the peculiarities of the maritime labour. For this reason, if such a vaccination obligation, for Confitarma it will be absolutely it is necessary to provide adequate solutions for the above cases Mentioned. In particular: in analogy to what is envisaged with the joint circular MIMS/Ministry of Health of 14 October 2021, the vaccination obligation should not apply to seafarers already embarked before the date of any entry into force of this obligation, because of the aforementioned extreme difficulties to carry out the third dose; non-resident non-EU seafarers in the European Union, who cannot access approved vaccines by EMA and AIFA or with those recognized as equivalent by the Ministry of Health, it will be necessary to allow us to continue working on Ships of Italian flag also with other vaccines applying the specific prevention measures provided for in Annex 28 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 2 March 2021 which always provides for the execution of at least a molecular swab before boarding.

"As is evident - highlighted Mattioli - yes it deals with protecting and identifying ad hoc solutions for workers who risk heavy penalties from such measures from which could result in extraordinary operational difficulties for the ships. This, not because such seafarers choose consciously not to get vaccinated, but simply because, because of the peculiarity of maritime work, they have objective difficulties in carrying out vaccinations and keep the Super Green Pass or do not have the option to access vaccines approved by EMA and AIFA'

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