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March 3, 2011

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The UIRR suggests actions to accelerate the development and efficiency of rail services in Europe

The association considers it proper and necessary to carry out a radical review of legislation

The International Union of combined Road-Rail transport companies (UIRR), an association representing the combined transport operators, urged the European Commission to make the intention to recast Directives (2001-12, 2001-13 and 2001-14 ) which constitute the first package on the European rail transport to promote the development of this mode of transportation and industry as transport terms and in this regard the European Union has submitted a position paper that contains some actions which, according to the association should be taken to accelerate this process.

"The UIRR - said the association's executive chairman, Rudy Colle - is confident that, especially if the motion is enhanced during the legislative process, embracing the views contained in the Position Paper released today, the new directive could become a accelerator of not only improving the efficiency of European railways, but also of the EU transport sector. "

Confirming that today is justified and necessary to carry out a radical overhaul of this legislation, the UIRR said it had examined the proposal in three respects: if funding will enable the stable form of the operators of the rail network, if it will improve the fairness and transparency of competition within the rail sector and if it contributes to reducing disparities in terms of competitiveness of competing transport modes.

The solicitation UIRR is directed primarily to the European Parliament and the Council to require Member States to develop long-term projections on changes in year-over-year rights for access to railway tracks so that this important item of cost of rail transport of goods can be provided for business planning. According to the association for that purpose should be provided adequate funding statutes to allow the continuous updating of these long-term projections.

In addition, the UIRR believes that should not be allowed a special relationship between the proprietary companies and infrastructure managers and railway stations that the internalization of externalities should not be made more rapidly and on a larger scale for the rail sector than required for the road sector.

The UIRR also rejects the concept of "market segmentation" and believes that the increase in access charges with coefficients of increase may be accepted only if coupled with the guarantee of high levels of service (ensuring, for example, a higher average speed and a much better rate of punctuality).

Finally UIRR considers necessary to apply discounts on access rights to railway tracks in case they are related to the distance of degraded lines that have a permanent limitation of the speed and axle weight.

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