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March 22, 2011

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ANITA in Brussels has proposed to amend the directive on the taxation of energy products

Diesel fuel accounts for 20-30% on operating costs of Italian companies in road transport and the excise duty to 40% on the price at the pump

ANITA, the association Confindustria, which groups the larger trucking companies, has announced that it has submitted proposals to the European Commission, which is working on amending the Directive 2003/96 in order to define a different method of energy taxation with the aim of bringing the energy costs of Italian companies with those of other EU nations. The proposals were also submitted to the Italian government: "We must bring the cost of Italian companies - said the Chairman of ANITA, Eleuterio Arcese - with those of firms from other countries to reduce the distortion of competition. To this end, we have sent our proposals to Ministers Matteoli and Tremonti to highlight these issues. "

The association pointed out that in Italy the excise duty on diesel fuel are among the highest in Europe and that this puts the Italian companies in considerably worse than those of other countries.Diesel fuel accounts for 20-30% on operating costs of Italian companies in road transport and the excise duty to 40% on the price at the pump. ANITA stressed that the existing rule sets the minimum level of excise duty amounting to € 0.330 per liter of diesel and excise duties in Italy amounted to € 0.423 per liter, a figure that - even excluding the reimbursement expected - brings the level to 0.403 € among the highest in Europe.

Among the proposals made by ANITA then there is the elevation of the minimum level of taxation to reduce the difference from that in force in countries with higher taxation. Then - according to the association - should review the provision of commercial diesel fuel, even though - as stated ANITA - this proposal is facing considerable difficulties in, and it is necessary to eliminate or at least reduce the periods of exemption for countries with lower tax and especially for those newcomers.

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