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December 15, 2011

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Unatras and Trasportounito incline for the arrest warrant of the road haulage, CNA-Fita are opposed

The union of the haulers proclaims the arrest warrant that will be carried out within the January end

Some acronyms of the road haulage are at variance approximately the opportunity to proclaim an arrest warrant of the field. The initiative is assumed by Unatras, that an immediate arrest warrant of the road haulage has evidenced the strong determination of the haulers in demanding. According to the union of the haulers, in fact, "the indefensible increase of the cost of the diesel oil (seven thousand euro per year for vehicle), the constant increases of the insurance prizes, the increase of the days of circulation prohibition, the risk of the cancellation of the costs of safety and the deregulation of the norms for the access to the hauler profession compromises safety on the roads and reduces the competitiveness of the enterprises. Elements these - it has emphasized the association - that they lead in the opposite direction to those which the executive says of wanting to follow". Unatras therefore has decided to proclaim the arrest warrant of the road haulage services that will be carried out by the end of the month of January in the respect of the self-regulation code.

This initiative but has found in CNA-Fita discord, that it has announced not to join this morning to the arrest warrant which proclaimed from the unitary coordination of Unatras. "This decision - CNA-Fita has explained - is taken arbitrarily by the summits of the coordination without pre-emptive argument with our association. A serious and irresponsible behavior that have not respected the statutory rules of the coordination and the tie of the unitarism that marks it".

"The Unatras executive, svoltosi - he has specified the association - is yesterday not agreed with the CNA-Fita, than he had made available himself also to a convocation of the presidency where to be able to discuss the determination about the case. We are decided to dispense with, proceeding to majority and putting to serious risk the unit of the representation of the category".

"Our association, also having taken part as simple svoltosi observer to the executive yesterday and arbitrarily convened from the president Of Boca and the Russian Paschal secretary - therefore he has announced CNA-Fita - does not join to the proclamation of ulterior arrest warrant and reserve determination in merit after to have summoned its national and territorial organisms in order to discuss of the valence and the capacity".

"Parallel - the association has remembered - the CNA-Fita has become available to a dialog with the representative confederations of the committenza in order to probe and to manage a shared platform in order to exceed trade-union the political impasse/that gives years forces our category to absorb without alternatives the continuous rises of the costs of the diesel oil and the tolls. An extreme attempt how much necessary one because the detail economic and political moment that our Country is living imposes preventively the dialog. The arrest warrant for our association remains the extreme solution if the dialog will not guarantee to our turned out enterprises concrete and in times sure breviums and. For these reasons the CNA-Fita will continue to search an alternative in the next month and solo in the end of this iter will decide what to make remaining convince that current the crisis economic and the recession near impose a more responsible and realistic attitude".

Trasportounito is instead of the same warning of Unatras. However the general secretary of the association, Maurizio Longo, has specified that "the summits of Trasportounito become available to still attend a ten of days in order to proclaim a unitary national arrest warrant of the associations, in case contrary will be proceeded in independent way". Trasportounito has explained that meantime will support all the spontaneous manifestations of protest that the haulers will want to assume in this period.

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