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January 26, 2012

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In the 2011 intermodal operator Alpe Adria container (+17% has transported cargo volumes pairs to beyond 211.000)

Encounter between Antonio Gurrieri, managing director of the company, and Marina Monassi, president of the Harbor Authority of Trieste, shareholder of the society

The president of the Harbor Authority of Trieste, Marina Monassi, has met the managing director of Alpe Adria, Antonio Gurrieri, in order to make the point on the results achieved in 2011 from the intermodal operator who is participated by the same giuliano harbor agency, from the railway society Trenitalia and the regional holding company friulana Friulia.

Last year the total transported one of Alpe Adria has been pairs to beyond 211.000 container teu, with an increment of 17% regarding 2010, given substantially online - it has remembered the Harbor Authority - with the forecasts of the operations plan opportunely approved of from the organs of Alpe Adria. The economic result in terms of turnover has been attested around 32 million euros, with an increase pairs to 24% regarding 2010, index that - it has emphasized the harbor agency - a meaningful recovery evidences also on the plan of the remuneratività of the services and a better yield in the relationship with the invested resources.

The offered produced ones currently from Alpe Adria cover almost the entire arc of the connections on the domestic market and international of the port of Trieste, acts directly from the society and, for the markets consolidated foreign countries, in joint with other logistic operators and synergy with the terminal containers of Trieste.

In the course of the encounter the lines for the maintenance of the strategic produced ones are traced also and the start of the new initiatives online with communitarian politics on the great corridors of "Core-network" TRIES.

Regarding the initiatives of management and start of the intermodal services for 2012, than on the escort of financial means to invest engaged in regional financial act 2012-2014 - it has explained the harbor agency - they could be insured on a yearly basis, the Harbor Authority of Trieste has fixed the priority criterion that Alpe Adria will have to follow in its activity operating with subjects in a position to guaranteeing volumes useful to support the regularity of the produced ones, let alone a high index of saturation of the convoys by means of engagements of purchase of balanced complete trains and/or proportionally meaningful spaces train, with the objective to improve the relationship ulteriorly costs/revenues and to optimize the employment ofthe resources.

The Harbor Authority has specified that, relatively to the new initiatives, of detail relief they are the restoration of the connection with Milan put into effect by means of the extension "on cargo inducement" of the services on Padua and, on the international market, the start of the connection long-range Trieste-Rostock, along the director of the Corridor the 1 (Adriatic-Baltic Sea) of "Core-network" TRIES. This last one producing is previewed to come true through a put into effect gradual distance, in the earlier stage, by means of the aggregation of three segments operating Trieste-Villach, Villach-Wels and Wels-Rostock and vice versa, with a total yield around the 65 hours and, successively, with integration of first and according to segment (Trieste-Wels direct) in order being completed through ulterior integration of the third party segment (Trieste-Rostock), reaching a final yield around the 36 hours.

The other strategically important section - it has specified the giuliano harbor agency - is represented by the consolidation and development of the intermodal connections earth-sea progressively to extend to the entire basin Adriatic North, with detail attention to the coastal depositor oriental of the Adriatic, to service of the entire Balkan area; factor this last determinant for being able to show the great operators of the shipping I use it of the port of call of Trieste which hub of interscambio for the flows of the traffic in escape and entrance from the Mediterranean (via Suez) da/per the emerged markets of Europe center-oriental. Moreover one is moreover estimating the hypothesis of being able to integrate the package of the intermodal services offered from Alpe Adria to the shipping customers, by means of the inclusion of other complementary producing, online with the potential expectations of the market and with the objective above all to contain the competition of the near ports of call foreign countries.

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