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April 23, 2012

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Hupac, solos aimed adaptations of railway infrastructures will allow to reduce the subsidies

In the 2011 revenues of the Helvetic company they are diminished of 2.3% (+7.3% to constant change)

Introducing today budget 2011, the Hupac Swiss has sped up the realization of participations on the infrastructures that would allow to reduce the subsidies for the transfer of the traffic from the road to the track. In fact - it has explained the Helvetic society of arranged transport - "competitive conditions of production are the surer way in order to pull down the subsidies to the arranged transport transalpine" and "aimed adaptations of infrastructures can return the arranged traffic more efficient and determine a saving of federal contributions".

"When in 2017 the gallery of base of the Saint Gottardo enters in exercise and in 2019 that of the Mount Ashes - the president of Hupac has explained, Hans-Jörg Bertschi - the intermodal trains will have to continue to journey on the corridor north-south through Switzerland to economically unfavorable conditions". Decisive - it has evidenced - it is the productivity: the arranged transport is profitable Vincente and when long trains is able to cover long drafts with little slope in a reasonable transit time and to transport the bulky cargo units of running use. Concrete parameters already have been fixed in 1991 in the "European Agreement on the main international lines of arranged transport", where they contemplate a length of the trains of 750 meters, the profile of four meters and the maximum slope of the 12 ‰. The southern lines of access to the gallery base of the Saint Gottardo, instead, anticipate very more of the limited parameters: in average 575 meters of length, profile of 3,80 meters and a slope until the 21 ‰ on the line via Uproar, that it will continue to demand the employment of two locomotives with a consequent lievitazione of the costs. "Politics - Bertschi has asserted - do not have to be satisfied of these conditions if it is seriously disposed to pursue the objective of the transfer of the traffic".

Remembering that the intermodal transport travels without subsidies in all the European Countries that have efficient corridors for the traffic goods, Bertschi has specified that "a infrastructural widening according to long trains 750 meters with a profile of four meters increases the productivity of the arranged transport of 30%". "Politics - it has concluded - must have every interest to invest the insufficient public funds in long-lasting infrastructures rather than in measures of support of short period".

"The plain railroad via Gottardo - the director of Hupac has confirmed, Bernhard Kunz - represents an enormous opportunity for the arranged traffic. We do not have to play them neglecting it the potenziamento of the access lines". Remembering that after the opening of the gallery of base of the Saint Gottardo a consisting reduction of the exercise subsidies is previewed, Kunz has emphasized that if within that date will not be succeeded to compensate the productivity of the traffic arranged with longer trains, heavier and higher, us a ritrasferimento of the heavy traffic will have to be waited for on road: "this - it has observed - will prejudice mobility on our roads, already today overloaded: a problem that regards we all".

Hupac has restated own proposal for the best one uses of transalpine railway infrastructures, that it previews the indispensable adaptation of the lines of access so as to be able to fully take advantage of potential of the long plain railroad the entire corridor. In the earlier stage - it has explained the Helvetic company - on the southern alpine depositor absolute priority to the draft via Luino, be a matter itself of an axis would have to be given that covers approximately 80% of the traffic arranged via Gottardo and that it serves the current terminals in the area of Busto Arsizio/Novara. Moreover it is parallel necessary to start to the corridor via Uproar, that it demands the realization of a new line for the traffic goods between Seregno and Bergamo, but also of transfer terminal since the node of Milan, metropolis with beyond a million inhabitants, for the moment does not offer adequate abilities. For the performance of this plan - it has found Hupac - some decade must be put in estimate, an interval that goes urgently exceeded through the valorization of the current line of traffic goods via Luino. This line relatively disowned - it has emphasized the company - is a carrying element of the Rotterdam-Genoa corridor and a moderated investment would allow to adapt it to the international standards. Moreover such line returns a slope of the 12 ‰ possible. Specifying that also Italy would benefit of the connection with efficient railway infrastructures for the export of goods and that, in along period, the arranged traffic would have to be distributed in way balanced between the three lines via Luino, Chiasso and Domodossola, Kunz has restated that "from the economic, social and environmental point of view, it is certainly the more sustainable solution".

An other forehead on which operating - it has added Hupac - it is also that of the interoperabilità, with the objective to obtain remarkable increments of productivity also from an only railway space to European level, so like persecuted from the EU. Currently - it has remembered the Swiss society - they exist in Europe beyond twenty systems national of signalling and control of the speed of the trains, than however they are not compatible between they, and similar technical inefficiencies constitute one of the greater impediments for the market of the transport goods on track. Hupac has emphasized that the introduction of the European system of management of railway traffic ERTMS, that would allow to resolve the problem, is deferred by numerous Countries EU. To such Hupac purpose, in quality of active member of the European Rail Platform guided from Siim Kallas, vice president and commissioner to the Transports EU, it has proposed a plan of performance based on the corridors: the Rotterdam-Genoa corridor that, with the plain railroad via Gottardo and the already programmed adoption of the system from Switzerland - it has explained the society - could become the first completely interoperabile European corridor.

While Hupac has archiviato economic exercise 2011 with a profit clearly of 2,7 million franchi Swiss on a Swiss turnover of 493,1 million franchi respect to a profit clearly of 3,2 million franchi Swiss on revenues for 504,5 million franchi Swiss in 2010 (to constant change, the turnover has recorded an increment of 7.3% from 2010 to 2011). The result before the positions financial institutions is piled to 14,0 million franchi Swiss regarding 24,6 million in the exercise precedence. We remember that in the 2011 Hupac it has enlivened 723,894 shipments, with an increment of 6.6% regarding 679.066 in 2010 ( of 31 January 2012).

In the 2011 investments of Hupac they are piled to 59,3 million franchi Swiss, of which 40 million in patrimonial assets (mainly the purchase of railway wagons, the completion of the terminal of Arsizio-Gallarate Bust and the widening of the headquarters of Uproar).

With respect to the perspectives for the 2012, Hupac it has stated that the conjunctural weakness in existence from autumn 2011 is being extended in 2012 and in the first trimester has determined a bending of 7,2%in the volume of transports regarding the elevated volume totaled in the correspondent period last year. Moreover the economic instability is stopping the commercial exchanges and penalizing the question of transport services. "For 2012 - Kunz has asserted - we preview a modest increase with a strong tendency to the volatility. We are taking advantage of this pause in order to improve our processes and to prepare to us, with our partner, to the new productive conditions that will at the opening follow of the gallery base of the Saint Gottardo".

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