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June 20, 2012

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The Harbour Committee of Livorno has given the go-ahead free to the town development plan of the port

Now the plan will have to be subordinate to the procedure of environmental appraisal

Today the Harbour Committee of Livorno, with single four expressed contrary ballots from some representatives of the workers, has approved of the deliberation of pre-adoption of the new Town development plan of the port, than now it could be subordinate to the procedure of strategic environmental appraisal. The distance that will carry to the approval of the plan - has remembered the Harbour Authority - start from the consultations with the competent subjects in environmental matter will take, that 60 days from the reception of the design of the new harbour within will have time in order to make to reach the contributions and the necessary opinions to the drawing up of the environmental relationship.

Expressing full satisfaction for the outcome of the voting, the mayor of Livorno, Alessandro Cosimi, has invited the representatives of the workers not to overlap the topic of the programming of the port, than the Portuale Town development plan incardina inside an administrative distance that he sees engaged several institutional subjects, to the cogente issue of the occupational crisis, than - Cosimi has said - “I hope can be faced in a climate of serene I confront”.

The main innovation of the proposal of Town development plan is represented by the port fleeting for the ferries and the crocieristica, than will not more only on hand have the more ancient part and more neighbor to the historical center and the city, but it will be able to benefit of new spaces on all the Pier from the Descent Pisa and Orlando until Alto Fondale. “A similar disposition - it has emphasized the president of the Harbour Authority, Giuliano Gallanti - will not negatively affect the traffic of the forest ones. It approaches 43, 44 and 45 of Alto Fondale will remain for the moment in use to the traffics of the cellulose, at least until that the side will not be returned operating north of the Italy Pier”. It approaches dedicated to the forest traffic will cover instead an immense area that goes from the root of Alto Fondale to the side south of the Ugione Dock, comprising all the Italy Pier and the Descent of the Magnale.

So like for the cellulose, also for the freeways of the sea - the main traffic of the Leighorn port of call - it is previewed a concentration of ro-ro, trailer and new cars in the areas of the industrial port of the Inghirami dock, the Benghazi descent, and the first half of the side the west of the industrial Channel, until the limit of the areas in concession to Sintermar. In alternative the displacement to the Europe Platform is previewed some, once that it will be realized.

Moreover the plan previews that the area multipurpose remains on the east side of the Tuscany dock, connecting to you but the areas of property of FS, the Paduletta terminal and the terminal part of the side the west of the Tuscany dock beginning from the tooth of poppiero berthing. The traffic of the solid bulk, instead, by the Descent Bordering will be moved in the internal part of the east side of the Tuscany Dock.

A development of the shipbuilding one is previewed also, with the Benetti yard for the great yachts and the consolidation of the little ones yards in Dock Pisa and Calafati, waiting for a solution alternative (is probable - it has specified the harbour agency - that they are married along the Descent of the Magnale, in the Enel areas). The Harbour Authority has remembered at last that, in attended that the governmental local authorities and are pronounced on the issue of the destination of use of the area of the basins, it remains opened also the possibility of a resumption of the field of the naval repairs, topic on which the precedence Harbour Committee had given sent to the president of the authority to deepen, of understanding with the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports, the aspects of criticalities evidenced from the last study of the Rina.

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