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June 21, 2012

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Ok of the council of Livorno to the decree of the Harbour office in exception to I decree “anti bow”

The exception - the city council member has explained Fat - allows the full operativity of the port of Livorno

The council of Livorno has expressed to seem favorable to the rough draft of decree managed from the local Harbour office in exception to the so-called one “decrees bow anti”, the interdepartmental provision of 2 which emanated from March the ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and from the ministry of the Atmosphere as a result of the shipwreck of the ship from Costa Concordia cruise to the island of the Lily for disciplining the transit of the ships in proximity of the coasts. The decree of the Harbour office of Livorno, also stiff to guarantee in safety navigation in the marine arrondissement of Livorno and in particular in proximity of the island of Gorgona and Sand banks of the Meloria, previews for the mercantile ships of the different limits from how much it establishes I interministerial decree.

I interministerial decree - the alderman to the Valorization of the territory and the atmosphere has remembered, Mauro Grassi - has instituted for the mercantile ships used after the transport of goods and advanced passengers to the 500 tons of tonnage, the prohibition of navigation, anchorage and pause in the belt of sea that is extended for two nautical miles from the external perimeters of the parks and of national the protected areas, it play hooky and coastal, and inside of the same perimeters, but the Harbour office of Livorno, in relation to the marine traffics and the morphologic characteristics of the livornese territory, has considered necessary to characterize solutions more confacenti regarding the operating criticalities deriving from the introduction of these prohibition, concerting them with the local authorities, between which the Municipality of Livorno.

In particular, for “Sand banks of the Meloria”, the decree of the Harbour-office previews to limit the transit of the mercantile ships in a wide belt of sea two miles, in adjacency to the external perimeter of previewed zone C from decrees 21 October 2009. It comes instead repealed in part a contiguous area to the cone of income and escape of the ships from the port of Livorno avoiding to extend the belt in the area south of the perimeter. For the island of Gorgona navigation is prohibited, the anchorage and the pause of advanced mercantile ships to 500 tsl in the belt of sea that is extended so for 0,7 miles from the external perimeter of the limit to sea of the Park of the Island of Gorgona as expected from I decree of the 22 luglio1996. The exited channel of access/from the port that affords the disembarkation of goods and passengers in possession of the necessary authorizations, will be disciplined besides.

“We are absolutely in favor of I decree “bow anti” - the city council member has explained Fat - as she is finalized to safety of navigation and the atmosphere, in particular because disasters like that of the Concord does not repeat himself. We are also in favor of the exception managed from the Harbour-office because it characterizes a “corridor” that the full operativity of the port of Livorno allows. For this, after the deepenings carried out from the Ambient office of the Municipality, the administration has sent to the Marine Authority own favorable opinion”.

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