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July 12, 2012

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Umpteenth dismissal of the dredging of the port of Pescara

The interregional Provveditorato for the public works rejects the hypothesis to use the overwhelmed bathtub of

The participation of dredging in the port of Pescara necessary in order to resolve the problems of operativity of from Abruzzo port of call has an umpteenth dismissal quickly. Yesterday, in fact, the interregional Provveditorato for the public works has communicated own failure of the hypothesis to use the overwhelmed bathtub of existing in the port, already used in precedence dredging operations, in order to confer to its inside the new material to dredge.

Nel course of an encounter with the president of the Province of Pescara, Guerino Head, with the mayor of from Abruzzo city, Luigi Albore Mascia, with the environmental director of Arta Abruzzo, Giovanni Damiani, and with the technicians of Province and Region, the experts of the interregional Inspectorate to the public works has clarified that to empty the overwhelmed bathtub of, to impermabilizzare it and then to fill up it with other materials to capture on the backdrops of the river and in the harbour area would cost between the ten and twenty million euro and would demand from the eight to the twelve months of time, according to the amount of material to remove, that it can vary from 125 thousand to 257 thousand cubic metres.

Testa and Mascia have asked to characterize “a definitive solution that allows beginning from to dredge to the port of Pescara september, without ulterior dismissals”, but for the Provveditorato that of the overwhelmed bathtub of is a not optimal hypothesis and to discard while they would go pursued other hypotheses that will go subordinates to the attention of the ministry of the Atmosphere. The technicians of the Provveditorato have explained that the material dredged in the port of Pescara or to re-use it as a result of a treatment to carry out or in the port of Pescara or an appropriate system could be transported in rubbish dump; or still: the transport in another overwhelmed bathtub can be assumed of after to have controlled on the place the material. An ulterior hypothesis is to realize to Pescara a new overwhelmed bathtub of (propedeutica to the separation of the river from the port) - but quickly it is evidenced that it is not previewed in the Portuale Town development plan and it would be necessary varying to the instrument, moreover not still approved of - or could be realized an participation of riprofilatura of the river, without to move the material that is accumulated.

Testa and Mascia have specified that “they will be the competent ministries to having to decide, to this point”. The mayor and the president of the Province have found that all the possible indicated solutions “are feasible single in some months and demand consisting investments that the same government will have to carry out. All roads, moreover - they have evidenced - that faced in ordinarietà regime will not never allow with the port of Pescara to exit from the emergency. We wait for therefore have concluded Testa and Mascia - of being summoned to Rome from the ministries of the Atmosphere and the Transports. We ask for knowing to tightest turn in that way the government, owner of the infrastructure, intends to save it from the definitive closing”.

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