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July 13, 2012

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To days the signature of a new agreement between Italy and Korea for the experimentation of a marine only door

The plan pilot will involve the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Busan

Today to Genoa, in the headquarters of the society of classification and certification RINA, a plan is introduced pilot for the realization of a “marine only door” with the objective to return the marine logistics more efficient. The experimental application will be produced in collaboration with South Korea, nation to the vanguard in this field and head physician actor of the informatizzazione of the marine logistics in Far East thanks to the cooperation in existence with China and Japan in plan NEAL-NET of interconnection of the logistic informative systems of the three Countries, than together they represent 17% of the world-wide transport.

The RINA has found that Korea boasts best digital Public Administration to the world and has succeeded in to save, in the field of the logistics, until three billions of dollars per year and that, on the base of the Korean results, it is possible to second assume a precautionary esteem which the saving generated from the digitalisation would pile for Italy to approximately a billion of euro. In particular, the analysis holds account of the saving obtained from the single shipowner and the terminalista, added to that deriving from the improvement of the entire logistic system, had is to the reduction of the station times in port is to the velocizzazione of the customs procedures.

Start of plan pilot introduced this morning, that he is son of the agreement on the e-government and the INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY in the marine field that Italy and the 28 Korea have signed september 2011, will be formalized with a new agreement about to signature between the governments Italian and Korean in matter of digitalisation and innovation of the marine field. The initiative previews the involvement of the ports of Genoa and La Spezia, that the greater exchanged volumes of traffic for marine way with the main South Korean port of Busan anticipate, and will be put into effect for Italy from DigitPA (national Agency for the digitalisation of Public Administration), Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Harbour Authorities of Genoa and La Spezia and will be coordinated technically by the RINA, while from Korean part it previews the involvement of the society and port, Ministry of Transportation (MLTM) of Busan of information technology for the logistics KL-Net and Hyundai U&I.

The responsible Ricerca of the group RINA, Mario Dogliani, has remembered that the informatizzazione is one of the priorities to communitarian level for the shipping and that the 2010/65 European directive relative to the formalities of declaration of the ships in arrival or departure from ports of the States of the EU establishes that the nations of the Union will have to equip themselves within 1° june 2015 of electronic instruments of transmission of the data to the aim to carry out the formalities of declaration and their transmission through an only interface.

More than than a plan - he has specified the president of DigitPA, Francesco Beltrame - draft in fact of the development of a normato process, with a progressive deployment of rules and endorsements. Beltrame has evidenced also like Italy, continuing on this distance, can not only aspire to an application leadership in the disciplined European context from directive 2010/65, but it can assume also the role of promoter of a homogenous approach to the digital logistics in other continents. The president of DigitPA in fact has announced that they are already in being preliminary agreements with Canada that go in this direction.

The argument is also object of attention from the European Agency for the European nets of transport (TRIES) through the plan pilot technically HONEY, coordinated from the ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and managed from the RINA, that it sees a grip collaboration between Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Germany with the purpose to share the relative marine only doors.

The president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa, Luigi Merlo, has emphasized the benefits that will be able to derive from a simplification of the marine logistics and from the acceleration of the passage of the traffics of the goods through the ports. Merlon has found that in future “the concept of the clearance will be deeply various” and that in this optical Italy must abandon a “difensivistico system” that does not produce other that a loss of competitiveness. Moreover the president of the Port genoese Authority has evidenced as the process for the definition of a marine only door constitutes a “vituous distance of spending review” in which the port and the Harbour Authority propose like agency of coordination of all the subjects publics, role - he has observed - than is currently not normato, but only he is inserted in the hypotheses of reform of law 84/94 on the ports.

Also according to the president of the Harbour Authority of, Lorenzo Forcieri, such distance is suitable “to recover competitiveness putting to system the excellence”. In a moment of economic crisis as that current one - it has specified - is necessary to return the immaterial structures efficient, with participations that can give yield in the immediate one, continuing meanwhile in the realization of the material structures, than but they will produce turned out single in mean-along term. Forcieri has wished the extension of the experimentation in the field of the marine logistics also to the customs processes through the involvement of the competent authorities of Italy and Korea, but it has evidenced also the necessity of a more co-ordinate approach and than a rationalization of the initiatives in order to return the immaterial structures efficient: “today - it has explained - many single-window is being made”.

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