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July 17, 2012

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Signed the protocol of understanding for the Intermodal Logistic Plate of Brindisi

The mayor of the prompt apulian city the government to take part for giving a guide to the local Harbour Authority

Yesterday to Brindisi the representatives of the Region Apulia, the Municipality and the Province of Brindisi and Consortium A.S.I. Brindisi the protocol of understanding for the Intermodal Logistic Plate of Brindisi has undersigned. “The plan - the regional city council member to strategic Infrastructures and mobility has explained, Guglielmo Minervini - has two lines of participation. The first previews the realization of the railway connection and the new station goods for the connection of net ASI to net RFI in the zone harbour back of Brindisi (Costa Morena) - via Archimedes. This will afford to carry outside from the dangerous city cargo handling of the petrochemical one that currently it happens in the central station. The trains will leave from the new station, not far from the belt conveyor, and without some maneuver they will be able to reach the final destinations in all Italy”. The Region has remembered that the graft to the line Fs-Park goods of Tuturano already is admitted to financing with an amount of 16,5 million euros at the expense of the deep ones of Axis V of PÒ FESR 2007-2013, which they join approximately 13 million from the resources freed from program PIC Interreg II.
“There is then - it has added Minervini - according to participation that previews the realization of the intermodal logistic platform in the Asi Area. In this way it will be possible to integrate the transport of the goods on rubber, prevailing in the area, with that on iron being created important economies of scale for the enterprises. So as expected in the privateering program Apulia, we offer a logistic platform that the area of Salento will serve all and will be integrated with the hub of Taranto, that enlivens container mostly. The offer of these services and the possibility to directly manipulate the goods that will offer the logistic platform will elevate the competitive ability to this territory”.

Minervini has emphasized that “not draft of an isolated protocol: as regional government - he has specified the city council member - we are working in order to integrate these participations on infrastructures in a Pact for Brindisi, that he has to its inside plans of town-planning requalification, reconstruction of its relationship with the sea and of tourist attrattività, that we will discuss soon with the local authorities”.

The Region has remembered that the first extract of the plan of the Logistic Plate is candidated by the agency to financing in the within of the resources freed through the PON transports of the ministry of Infrastructures. According to the Region, the investment for the first extract of the plan is of approximately 40 million euros, value that is estimated in 32,4 million euros in triennial program 2012-2014 of Consortium A.S.I that for according to extract previews costs for 42,4 million euros (of which 25,4 million private capitals).

In occasion of the signature of the understanding protocol the mayor of Brindisi, Mimmo Consales, has denounced the serious situation in which he pours the port of Brindisi: “the disasters that are succeduti during the last few years in the management of the port of Brindisi - have found the first citizen - they continue to provoke devastating effects. By yesterday evening - it has explained - substantially the connections with Greece for the umpteenth grain are blocked that a shipowner has interested. The image damage is most serious for the Municipality of Brindisi that for decades has based its economy own on the harbour traffics. Also in this occasion it turns out most difficult to put into effect solutions as we find ourselves of forehead to a Harbour Authority totally delegitimized for the regarding events the nomination of Haralambides (than some days before june 2012 is cancelled by the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Apulia - of the 27, ndr)”.

“The government, through the competent ministry - he has continued Consales - cannot continue to having a pilatesco attitude. He decides yourself to make oneself: or a legitimacy of the current president is characterized, also in presence of the very famous pronunciamento of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT, or it proceeds yourself immediately with the nomination of a commissioner. A data is sure: not to decide he has devastating effects on Brindisi and its port and we sure will not remain to look. In such sense - he has concluded the mayor - I will ask the immediate participation also for the president of the Nichi Vendola Region”.

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