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July 18, 2012

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Nerli (Assoporti): there is the risk of an exclusion from the Italian ports of the great international operators

The guide of the Association of the Italian Ports passes duumvirato Merlon-Mount

Nel course of the today's assembly of the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti), that July 2012 opens the era of duumvirato Luigi Merlo - Pasqualino Monti to the guide of the organization of the Harbour Authorities ( of the 5), the outgoing president Francesco Nerli, in its relation that we publish in the address book “Forum of the Shipping and the Logitica”, has remembered the crucial topics that regard the Italian portualità, between which the allocation of the autonomy financial institution to the Harbour Authorities, the valorization of the coastal areas beginning from that Mediterranean inside of politics of the transports of the European Union, the acknowledgment to the Authorities Harbour of an extensive role of promoters of logistic systems and “the correct” logon of the ports with the infotelematica platform for the management of the logistic net. Objectives that will have to be reached - have denounced Nerli - in absence of a design of development of the system and of a clearly slowly strategic one for the portualità.

“Against critics turned to the Harbour Authorities in order to have “elaborated overdimensioned planning regarding credible future scenes” - it has emphasized Nerli - credit to programmatiche indications is given and of priority I yield of studies of authoritative foundations, than but they have the limit of the deficiency of I firstly confront with the agencies of the territory and the Harbour Authorities”.

Nel to denounce the tendency to credit separated designs, Nerli has denounced instead the deficiency of deep for the ports and exiguity of the quota 70 million per year guaranteed from an autonomy marginal financial institution. The outgoing president of Assoporti has remembered in cahier de doleance on the portualità also the freezing from 1993 of taxes and the harbor dues.

Nerli has moreover place the burning attention on three topics of and the risky present time: on one side, the imminent expiration of many between the greater harbour concessions, expiration that could postulate - according to Nerli - a privatization of the “good port”, with exclusion from the Italian ports of the great international operators. According to topic that relative to the position of the EU contrary always and however to the public financing of harbour infrastructures, financing equiparato to the aids of State. At last the consequences of the bill on the spending review, and the recent sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Latium that equipara the dependent of the Harbour dependent Authorities publics with the risk to transform the Authorities in mere structures of administration and conservation of the good port.

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