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July 18, 2012

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Merlon: the Italian ports must evolve passing from the industrial model to that logistic manufacturer

Ciaccia excludes the hypothesis of amalgamations or abolitions of Harbour Authorities. Monassi: yes to a “Cernobbio” itinerant for the ports. Coast: the rates on the technical-nautical services are the fact that returns the ports less competitive

The Italian ports must evolve passing from the industrial model to that logistic manufacturer. The strategic address is this for throws again of the portualità delineated from the new presidency of Assoporti that is introduced today to Rome to the shareholders' meeting of the Association of the Italian Ports from the new president Luigi Merlo and that it is I yield of a sharing total with vice-president vicar, Pasqualino Monti, than between a year it will succeed to Merlon to the guide of Assoporti, alternation that will be returned possible thanks to the change of charter approved of today from the assembly.

The new strategy of Assoporti heads for the affirmation of the logistics like great opportunity of development of the Country and for the allocation to the ports, as fundamental ring of the logistic chain, a cabin of direction and total coordination. The ports - it is emphasized in a programmatico document - are called to pass from a city dimension to a macro-regional one also to the aim to start on various bases and very concrete I confront with the Association of the Municipalities and all the playmaker, institutional and not, of the logistic programming.

It is not clarified if the change of the dimension from city to macro-regional of the ports could or have be accompanied from an analogous increment of the administrative perimeter of the Harbour Authorities, even through the creation than regional harbour agencies or with the amalgamation of Harbour Authorities. In its relation the outgoing president of Assoporti, Francesco Nerli, has found that the Harbour Authorities “do not burden and they have not never weighed on the budget of the State” and has specified that is up to the government and the parliament to give political answers “to the hypotheses of “cut”, “amalgamation” or macro entizzazioni of system, considering that mere summary aggregations or of agencies not always are the means in order to pursue the rationalization of the order of regulation and administration of the portualità”.

The possibility to resort to the performance of amalgamations or abolitions of some Harbour Authorities is excluded by the vice minister to Infrastructures and the Transports, Mario Ciaccia, taken part to the assembly of Assoporti, than it has been declared contrary to such hypothesis.

The new strategic line of Assoporti is time also to resolve the problem that faces the Harbour Authorities in retrieving resources for the investments: between the priorities indicated from the president of the harbour agency of Genoa, Luigi Merlo, figure also the location of new financial instruments that - it has observed - cannot be certainly represented only from the limited autonomy financial institution obtained from the Harbour Authorities, but must be I yield of an exploration of every form of collaboration and financing, included project the bonds.

Moreover, for Assoporti it is absolute priority to affect the lines guides of spending review and on “the absurd” limitations taxes to the operativity of the ports. And a taboo is not sure to reason also on the legal nature of the Harbour Authority “if this can give stability finally to the section”. Between the innovations in sight also the constitution of a national harbour computer science system and the reopening of I confront on the protection of the harbour job.

According to Assoporti also the moment has come to throw again with force and with the decision the marine and logistic cluster assuming also the realization of a great choral forum that once per year reunites all the protagonists of this cluster and pushes them to complete strategic decisions being confronted with all the government.

The hypothesis to institute sitting of the Italian ports is received with favor from the president of the Harbour Authority of Trieste, Marina Monassi, that the giuliana city has candidated to accommodate of the first edition. Moreover Monassi has evidenced the importance to optimize the resources, being avoided to rather spend money in studies and advisings that then are not realized, but supporting the single Harbour Authorities in studies and plans that they have in the drawer, but for which has not had the availabilities necessary in order to realize them. It is a fundamental moment for the logistics and the Italian portualità - it has emphasized - pack-saddles to think to the truth of Trieste and the increase of 50% in 2011 on 2010 in terms of tons in the traffic containers and of an ulterior increase of 20% in the first semester of 2012. New Al president of Assoporti Merlon, the president of the Harbour Authority of Trieste has asked also to guarantee a balanced development in the respect of the single identities, being favored the harbour truths that can constitute of the valid points of reference for the Italian enterprises and for the world that through Italy it wants to reach Europe, bypassandone the ports of the North.

Sul topic of the autonomy, not only financial institution, of the ports is taken part also the president of the Harbour Authority of Venice, Paolo Costa, replying to the Shipping president of the Italian Confederation (Confitarma), Paolo D' Amico, that it has asserted the contrarietà of the shipowners to a system of decentralization that you carry the Harbour Authorities “to they tariff”. “Confitarma - Paolo Costa has answered - must decide: or, as it says, it appreciates the autonomy of the ports, than in order to free competitive resources it cannot be only that so-called financial institution to withhold 1% of the VAT or, on the contrary, it fears the competition between the ports expecting to control from Rome. To the face of the autonomy and the federalism - it has emphasized the president of the Venetian harbour agency - the rates on the nautical services technical that today are the fact that returns our less competitive ports - as it goes repeating the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and the Market - regarding the European competitors also in the Mediterranean”. “It displeases - it has concluded Coast - feel to reaffirm afflati centralistici and corporative. The hope is that the Senate in the proposal of reform of the ports, in arrival integrity, makes its trade of decisore. That piece of destiny of the Italy that depends on the ports plays now, in avoiding that the reform of the 84/94 can be transformed in a lacked occasion”.

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