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October 11, 2012

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Exceptional boarding in the port naval of Carrara

In departure first of the five giganteschi realized industrial modules in the retroportuale yard of GE Oil & Gas - New Pignone

Yesterday in the port naval of Carrara it has been boarded on the Yamato ship of the Japanese NYK-Hinode Line first of the five giganteschi integrated industrial modules with a megaturbina constructed in the retroportuale yard of Avenza (Massa Carrara) of General Electric Oil & Gas - New Pignone. The module will serve to the generation of electric power for the plan “Gorgon”, finalized to the which liquified natural gas production in Australia, to Barrow Island, inside a protected area.

The module has the dimensions of a palace of six plans: hung 2,300 tons, it is along 50 meters, wide 21 and high 25 meters. The transport from the retroportuale area to the port is carried out by the Mammoet society having used a cart on 576 wheels. For the realization of this store clerk, of the total value of 1,7 billion dollars, the Tuscany Region, the Province of Massa-Carrara, the Municipality of Carrara, the Municipality of Massa, New Pignone Spa and the Port of Carrara Spa has undersigned Protocollo for the development, industrialization and the occupational consolidation of New the industrial pole “Pignone” of Massa-Carrara. To the base of the agreement there is New an introduced industrial plan from Pignone, company that takes part of the multinational group General Electric Oil&Gas, historically which installed in the area with a plant and several warehouses. In particular, the new investments have allowed the development of technological platforms for the assemblage of great “energetic modules” composed by machinery produced from New Pignone in the plants of Florence and Massa Carrara. Equipping a new area behind of the port of Carrara, the company has been able to integrate own productive row in from Tuscany territory, being able to cure the realization of single members like compressori and turbines, the assemblage and test of real miniums power stations, until the shipment via ship.

The entire plan - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority naval of Carrara - has had positive repercussions also for the port naval of Carrara and induced its, as it is demanded the active involvement of all how many to miscellaneous title operate inside of the port and in particular of the harbour enterprise Port of Carrara Spa that has supplied spaces, services of handling and logistics and has carried out the operations of boarding of the assembled modules. “This exceptional boarding - it has found the president of the Harbour Authority, Francesco Messineo - demonstrates that the strategic value of a port, for the benefit of the economy of a territory that accommodates it, how much does not depend solo from the dimensions of its infrastructures, more rather, from the efficiency of its organization and its logons with the productive sites. If the industrial area of Carrara had not enjoyed a similar outlet to sea, the store clerk of General Electric, with its most remarkable ones fallen back in terms of economic and occupational development, would have been unavoidably destined to another site of production abroad”.


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