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December 7, 2012

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Satisfaction of UCINA Nautical Confindustria for the introduction of the new Redditometro

The era is ended - it has explained the association - of possessory of boats criminalized from the state treasury

With the new Redditometro the era of the possessory ones of criminalized nautical boats from the state treasury is ended. It has emphasized UCINA Nautical Confindustria commenting the update of the instruments for the assessment of the taxpaying capacity to the natural people introduced from the financial management for the fight to the tax evasion and evidencing that “the new Redditometro - has explained the association of the Italian boat yards - cancels the coefficients penalizing for the nautical one and rewards the pluriennale covered of confronts between UCINA and the Agency of the Entrances”.

Today, as a result of an encounter with the new director of the Central Direction Assessment of the Agency of the Entrances, Salvatore Lampone, the president of UCINA Nautical Confindustria, Anton Francesco Albertoni, has illustrated the modalities of operation of new the Redditest and Redditometro to own associates having declared: “finally we have reached in the end of along period that has seen the nautical one from diporto being penalized from the State treasury. Both the instruments introduced to us from the director Lampone - it has found Albertoni - represent a real cultural jump, in general terms towards the contributor and in particular towards the nautical one, and for that it regards to us they constitute the landing place and the success of a aimed campaign to modify the perception of the field and of a distance of I confront begun from the association in the May of 2010 to the flank of which we want to continue to work”.

UCINA has remembered that “the field for a long time asked an participation for the Agency of the Entrances on the application of the coefficients introduced in the calculation of the Redditometro in 2010 for which previously was multiplied the value forfettariamente presumed of the unit from diporto. The important innovation of the new Redditometro - it has specified the association - consists just in the disappearance of such coefficient for which the value of purchase of the boat from now on it will weigh in the same way of the same expense carried out for a piece of real estate, without no difference of kind between immovable assets of pairs value. At the same time, the cost of the installment of the leasing will go to end between the other fixed expenses, to the pairs of the canon of lease of a piece of real estate, and will be parimenti dealt”.

“In the compilation of the Redditest - it has continued UCINA - the possessory ones of advanced boats to three meters (regarding the Redditometro will be taken in consideration the boats from four meters upwards), will have to indicate the length, the type “sail” or “motor” and the expenses for the assurance and the eventual installment of leasing. The maintenance costs are estimated on the base of the dimension and the type of hull also on the base of the data supplied to the Agency of the Entrances from UCINA as a result of an investigation commissioned to the Faculty of Economy of the University of Genoa and to National the Nautical Observatory. The values are weighted also considering the different types of structures and geographic localization”.

“The Redditest - it has concluded Albertoni - will be able also to become useful tools for the dealer nautical, as it will allow to discredit the substantial lack of confidence of the consumers which they have carried years of demonizzazione of the purchase of a boat”.

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