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December 28, 2012

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The port of Rotterdam closes 2012 with a traffic of 443 million tons (+1.7%)

Modest also the increase previewed for 2013

In the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Rotterdam it is piled almost 443 million tons, in increase of the 1.7% on the year precedence. "Even if the increase is limited - it has emphasized the president and managing director of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Hans Smits - this is another record for Rotterdam. In the 2012 - it has explained - traffic of the container light it is increased graces mainly to the exports. In the segment of the bulk sand banks, the bending of the steel production in Europe has been in charge of the reduction of the traffic, in particular of minerals. This loss has been more than compensated from the increase of the liquid bulk: greater amounts of crude oil are enlivened and, in particular, producing oil. This last category to all purposes and effects is tripled in volume in the past decade. This - it has found Smits - demonstrates that the port of Rotterdam is becoming more and more a hub for the total commerce. This helps the port to continue in the increase, since in general terms the total exchanges are developed more quickly regarding the economies Dutch and European. The positive data of traffic of this year - it has concluded Smits - do not alter the fact that for many enterprises the profit margins are under pressure, than some activities are in the red and that some are firing the staff".

In entire the 2012 port of Rotterdam it has enlivened a containerized trade of approximately 126 million tons regarding 123,6 million tons in 2011. The containerized trade which counted in containers from 20 feet (teu) has been pairs to 11,9 million teu, almost analogous figure to that last year. The traffic of the other goods several is diminished altogether of the 5% to 24 million tons, with an increase of the 3% of the traffic ro-ro and a conventional contraction of the 23% of the goods caused mainly from the reduction of the steel imports.

In the section of the liquid bulk a total of 214 million tons regarding 198,5 million tons in 2011 is enlivened. The traffic of crude oil has grown of the 6%, while the increase of the oil produced ones has been of the +12%. The other liquid bulk is increased of the 4%.

The solid bulk volumes are dropped by 87,3 million tons enlivened to last year 79 million tons in 2012. The agricultural bulk is diminished of the 18%; the scrap iron and iron mineral volumes have recorded a bending of the 12% and those of coal are dropped of the 4%. The other bulk sand banks is diminished of the 9%.

The Harbour Authority of Rotterdam previews that in the 2013 traffic it will grow altogether of the 2% approximately approximating itself to a total of 450 million tons.

PSA Genova Pra' Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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