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November 24, 2014

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In the first nine months of this year the port of Amburgo has enlivened 109,9 million tons of goods (+5.7%)

Container in increase of +6.4% to 7,4 million teu

In the first nine months of this year the port of Amburgo has enlivened 109,9 million tons of goods, with an increment of +5.7% regarding 103,9 million tons in the period January-september of 2013. If in the first trimester of the 2014 trend of increase more it is supported, with a +9% on the correspondent period last year, in the two successive trimesters the increment more is contained and pairs for both periods to +5% approximately.

the field of the goods several has closed the first nine months of 2014 with a traffic of 78,3 million tons (+7.9%), of which almost 77 million containerized tons of goods (+8% approximately) with a handling of the containers that has totaled the quota record for the period of 7,4 million teu (+6.4%). The sensitive increase of the containerized trade is generated above all by the increase to two figures in the traffic with Asia, with an increment of +12.8% (2,3 million teu with the single China), and Africa (+28.2%); in increase (+2.8%) also the traffic of container with the region of the Baltic Sea.

the Harbour Authority of Amburgo has emphasized that such total increase of the containerized trade turns out supported more regarding that of the concurrent ports of the Europe North, that they have recorded a medium increase of handling of the container pairs to +4.0%, and has allowed with the port of Amburgo to increase own market share from the 26,1% percent to 26.7%.

In the first nine months of this year the imports in container in the port of Amburgo have been pairs to 3,8 million teu (+6.2%) and the exports in container to 3,6 million teu (+6.6%), while handling of empty containers has been attested to approximately 900 thousand teu, light to above of the level last year. In the segment of the goods conventional the traffic has been of 1,44 million tons, with an increment of +1.1% on the first nine of the 2013 graces mainly to the increase of the exports of steel, iron, paper and timber.

the total volume of the bulk is piled to 31,6 million tons, with an increase of +0.7%. The progression of the total is produced above all of the important increase of the exports and imports of cereals, while the oil imports crude oil have recorded a fort decrease of approximately 600.000 tons (- 29.2%) determined mainly from the effect of the restructure of a refinery of Amburgo. Totally the liquid bulk has been pairs to 10,6 million tons regarding 11,1 million tons in the period January-september of 2013, while the solid bulk is piled to 21,0 million tons, of which 6,2 million tons of dusty bulk (5,9 million in the first nine months) and last year 14,8 million tons of bulk enlivened with bucket (14,5 million).

Second the forecasts of the Harbour Authority, the port of Amburgo will be able to close entire the 2014 with a traffic record of 144 million tons of goods, while the single traffic of the container could be attested to approximately 9,7 million teu and next to the established record of 9,9 million teu in 2007.

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