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26 May 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:36 GMT+2

September 5, 2017

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In the first six months of this year the port of Genoa has enlivened 27,3 million tons of goods (+8.1%)

Fleeting in decrease of the -6,0%, with ujn -2,3% in the field of the ferries and a -11,3% in that of the
the port of Genoa in the first six months of 2017, period in which has established the own new record of containerized trade having had totaled 1.283.564 teu(of the 27 July 2017), has enlivened altogether 27,3 million tons of goods, with an increment of +8.1% regarding 25,3 million tons in the first half last year.

In the segment of the goods several the traffic has been of 17,5 million tons (+12.3%), with a containerized trade that in terms of weight has been of 12,9 million tons (+14.9%) and a conventional traffic of goods that has been attested 4,6 million to tons (+5.7%). In the field of the bulk sand banks tons (- 14.2%) to which they join in the industrial section an ulterior traffic of 1,5 million tons of solid bulk, of which than less 1,5 million tons than produced iron and steel (to +3.1%) and 12 thousand tons of other cargos (- 76.7% are enlivened 268 thousand). In the field of the liquid bulk the mineral oils are piled to 7,2 million tons (+2.6%) and the other bulk to 348 thousand tons (- 6.5%), of which 94 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (- 24.0%) and 254 thousand tons of chemicals (+2.3%). The supplies of fuel and supplies of edge have been pairs to 453 thousand tons (- 0.9%).

In the first six months of this year the traffic of the passengers has been of 938 thousand people (- 6.0%), of which 575 thousand fleeting of the ferries (- crocieristi 2.3%) and 364 thousand (- 11.3%).

In the single month of june of the 2017 port of from Liguria chief town has enlivened almost 4,8 million tons of goods, with a progression of +18.5% on june 2016. The goods several three million tons (+10.2% have been pairs at less than), of which 2,1 million containerized tons of goods (+12.5%) conventional tons of goods (+4.6% realized with a handling of containers pairs to 218.255 (+13.3%) .e 833 thousand). In the commercial section the solid bulk is piled to 40 thousand tons (+9.7%) and in that manufacturer to 229 thousand tons of iron worker (+17.2%). The volume of traffic of mineral oils has been of 1,4 million tons (+45.2%) and that of the other liquid bulk of 69 thousand tons (+9.8%), of which 22 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (+103.3%) and 47 thousand tons of chemicals (- 9.4%). The supplies of bunker and supplies of edge have been pairs to 80 thousand tons (+0.5%).

Last june the passengers have been 302 thousand (+0.2%), of which 221 thousand in the field of ferries (+4.2%) and 82 thousand in that of cruises (- 9.2%).

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