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September 18, 2017

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To July the 2017 tendential increases of the exports is Italian imports has turned out pairs to +5,1% and +10,5%

Regarding the month precedence the export is dropped of the -1,4% and the import it has grown of +0.9%

Istituto Nazionale di Statistica has announced that to July the 2017 commerce with foreign country of Italy, regarding the month precedence, has recorded a decrease for the exports (- a 1.4%) and increase for imports (+0.9%). The Istat has specified that the conjunctural decrease of the export involves is the extra markets EU (- 1.8%) are, to a lesser degree, the area EU (- 1.1%) and that all the main groupings of industries are in decrease, to exception of consumer goods (+0.6%).

In the trimester May-July 2017, regarding the trimester precedence, the export has turned out stationary and synthesis of the increase of the sales of the area EU (+0.7%) and of the decrease of those of the extra area EU (- 0.8%). In the same period the imports have record an increase (+1.0%).

the Istat has specified that to July the 2017 tendential increase of the export, that is regarding the same month last year, has maintained (+5.1% positive) and has regarded is the area EU (+6.2%) is that extra EU (+3.8%); the increase of import (+10.5%) is determined by a strong dynamism of the purchases from both the areas of outlet (+12.1% for the area EU and +8.2% for the extra area EU).

Between the fields that have contributed in more important measure to the increase of the export, druggist articles, chemical-medicines and botanists (+22.8%), motor vehicles (+14.0%), substances and chemicals (+7.9%), food, drinks and tobacco (+7.6%), produced of manifacturing other asset (+5.7%) and cars and apparatuses are signaled n.c.a. (+5.4%).

Regarding the main markets of outlet, signals the marked tendential increase of the exports towards United States (+9.9%) and United Kingdom (+7.9%).

To July the 2017 commercial surplus has turned out of 6,6 billion euros (+7,8 billions to July 2016). In the first seven months of the year the commercial remainder has reached 25,6 billion (+45,3 billions to clearly of the energetic produced ones) with a supported increase is for export (+7.6%) is for import (+11.2%) regarding the same period of the year precedence.

In the July month the 2017 price index to the import of the industrial produced ones is diminished of the -0,3% regarding the month precedence and is increased of +1.8% regarding July 2016.

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