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September 18, 2017

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the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic confirmation the percorribile Vittorio Emanuele Channel which broken from the great ships from
the agency assumes the realization of a new and additional passenger terminal to Port Marghera

the studies confirm that the Vittorio Emanuele Channel is percorribile and that it is possible to place a new and additional passenger terminal to Marghera Port. It has emphasized the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea Adriatic Northern, Pino Musolino, having announced that the agency has deposited near the Ministry of Infrastructures and of the Transports a containing dossier all the studies and the simulations realized over the past several months in order to resolve the hoary issue of the crocieristica, risen from when in performance of I decree Clini-Passera was decided to prohibit the transit of the great ships from cruise in the Channel of the Giudecca in order beginning from to reach the Marine passenger terminal of the end of the 2014( 5of November 2013).

the AdSP of the Sea Adriatic Northern has evidenced that the lead analyses show that the solutions in order to resolve the issue "are and are percorribili shortly time". "The dossier, that it will have to be integrated also from the appraisals of safety & securities that are up to the Harbour office - it has explained the agency - sight to supply to the government the scientific instruments for being able to take a definitive, compatible decision with the city and its economic development, also harbour. The tests - it has specified the authority - have taken in consideration also two hypothesis that regard the Vittorio Emanuele Channel and the positioning of a new crocieristico terminal to Marghera Port".

"the lead analyses, also thanks to the use of the naval simulator - it has emphasized the AdSP - demonstrate that the Vittorio Emanuele Channel is percorribile and can allow with the ships from cruise to obviate the passage in front of San Marco being reached the terminal of Marine through the income for the mouth of port of Malamocco. The Vittorio Emanuele channel, goes remembered, is already a channel of the great navigation inserted in the town development plan harbour and realized in 1922 in order to allow with the goods to reach Marghera Port, then as soon as constructed. The use of the Vittorio Emanuele Channel, is necessary to emphasize it - it has clarified moreover the agency - does not preview in some way the adaptation of the channel of the Oils, but only of the feature between the area North of Port Marghera and the Marine one".

the Authority of Harbour System has explained that "it has been, moreover, deepened the hypothesis, not exclusive regarding the precedence, to place a new crocieristico terminal to Marghera, in the area of the industrial channel Nord. Draft of an area partially dismessa, than does not anticipate details commistioni with the other present traffics to Marghera Port, neighbor to the main arteries of logon with airport and freeways and that it is sufficiently near and far from the historical center of Venice. The area to equip with a new terminal cruises - it has found the agency - so would be valued and returned regarding the precedence industrial takeovers more compatible, so contributing to create an intermediate zone of connection between the city and the port".

"We have intentional to supply the government - Musolino has asserted - every instrument useful in order to take a decision in fast times. Six months ago when I have installed myself to the guide of the Authority of Harbour System I had announced that we would have given our effective contribution to the solution of the Venetian crocieristica. I consider that in the past it is wasted too much time in proposals that have had the single result to oppose various opinions, factions and interests on the topic without to carry to some result, indeed aggravating the minds and risking to destroy to the enormous job and the investments that have made of Venice the best home port of the Mediterranean".

"For this reason - it has continued Musolino - we have intentional to propose a series of analyses that will help the government to decide on a so delicate topic making use of the contribution of who it knows to bottom the Venetian portualità and the delicacy of its lagoon atmosphere. These proposals and analyses would allow, finally, to comply with I decree Clini-Passera that it attends of being applied from five years and that asks, I want to emphasize, to find it a water way in order to reach the Marine one being eliminated the passage in front of San Marco".

"I hope - it has concluded Musolino - than, deposited how much, can indeed contribute to close the game being allowed to give compatible and sustainable future of the crocieristica in city and, to all, to concentrate to us on the other challenges of the Venetian portualità. We are ready to discuss and we are available to the dialogue; we are and we hope it we are also the other sure actors sat around the table that the objective common to safeguard Venice without to renounce to the crocieristica can be reached together".

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