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September 21, 2017

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the ECSA plaude to the effectiveness of the economic and commercial agreement between Canada and EU

Smedegaard. the shipping it needs that sussistano total commercial exchanges

Today has taken effect temporarily Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the economic and commercial agreement between Canada and the European Union that the scope has to simplify the exchange of goods and services between the two markets. The understanding eliminates 98% of the customs duties, that they will be cancelled totally in the arc of next the seven years.

the European Union and Canada have signed the 30 CETA October 2016 as a result of the approval of the Member States of the EU. 15th February also the European Parliament has given its 16 approval and May 2017 the agreement is ratified by Canada. The CETA will come totally put into effect when all the States of the EU ratify the agreement in compliance with the respective ones obligate constitutional.

the EU, that it is the second world-wide economy, is the main second commercial partner of Canada after the United States. "The agreement - it has emphasized the president of the EU commission, Jean-Claude Juncker - perfectly reflects our idea of business policy: an instrument action to stimulate the increase that brings benefits to the enterprises and the European citizens, but able also to transmit our values, to manage the globalization correctly and to put molding on the rules of the total commerce". "I wish - it has added - that the Member States lead an argument deepened in the context of the processes of ratify on a national level of the agreement in course. For our enterprises and our citizens the moment has reached to pick such opportunity; everyone must be able to state that our business policy is able to bring concrete advantages for all".

Second the forecasts, the CETA will allow with the enterprises of the EU to save 590 million euros the year currently paid for customs duties on goods exported in Canada.

"For our exporter - it has evidenced Cecilia Malmström, European commissioner to the Commerce - the situation is about to change. The for a reason or purpose temporary effectiveness of the agreement allows with the enterprises and the citizens of the EU to begin from quickly picking the advantages that it offers. For the total economy draft of a positive sign in a position to favoring the economic increase and the occupation. The CETA is a modern and innovative agreement that our engagement in favor of a free trade and fair emphasizes founded on values and contributes to put molding on the globalization and the rules that discipline the total commerce. The CETA emphasizes moreover our firm engagement in favor of the sustainable development and protects the ability to our governments of legiferare in the public interest. In more the agreement it considerable strengthens our relations with Canada, a partner and strategic ally with which we share deep historical and cultural ties".

the EU has rimarcato that wide the stimulus to the increase and the occupation in Europe determined from the agreements of free exchange is demonstrated, like for example that between the European Union and South Korea: from when it has taken effect in 2011 - it has specified the EU - the exports of the European Union in Korea of the South are increased of beyond +55%, the exports of some agricultural producing have recorded an increment of +70%, the sales of automobiles EU in Korea of the South are tripled and the deficit of trade balance has been transformed in a surplus. Among other things such agreement is applied for a reason or purpose temporary for several years as a result of ratifies at the level of the EU, waiting for ratifies from all the Member States of the EU.

the effectiveness of the CETA is greeted with favor from the association of the European shipowners, that it has evidenced like promuoverà the remarkablly agreement the commercial exchanges between the EU and Canada and will cut the customs duties opening new markets for the shipowning companies like those of the dredging, of empty handling of container and some types of transports between the Canadian ports.

"Is important - it has emphasized the president of the European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA), Niels Smedegaard - than the EU signs ambitions comes to an agreement commercial like the CETA, especially in the current political scene in which the total commerce and the free exchange is placed they are pressure. We are therefore pleased to have last week learned of the plan of the president of the Juncker EU commission announced in its speech on the State of the Union for giving impulse to the agenda of the business policy of Europe".

"As representatives of one of the European activities more globalizzate - she has continued Smedegaard - we could not be more in agreement. The shipping she needs that sussistano total commercial exchanges and these last ones cannot exist without a field of the efficient marine transport. Approximately 80% of the world-wide traffics of goods - the president of the European shipowning association has remembered - they are transported by the field of the shipping international and the European shipowners control 40% of world-wide the mercantile fleet and operate marine services all over the world. We support - he has concluded Smedegaard - also the plan announced last week from president Juncker in order to institute a task force on the commercial agreements of the EU and will be absolutely ready to supply our competence in matter".

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