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October 2, 2017

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Thursday to Rome will hold an event in order to celebrate 70° anniversary of ATHENA and the 90° anniversary of INSEAN

Topic of the day will be the impact had on the ships because of the norms which took effect in last the 10
next Thursday to Rome will hold an event in order to celebrate 70° anniversary of the National Association of Naval Technique (ATHENA) and the 90° anniversary of INSEAN. The day, than will be carried out near the center of the INSEAN, will be subdivided in two moments: in the morning a series of institutional participations will take place, with participations of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and the Ministry of the Atmosphere, Marina Militare Italiana, the General Command of the Harbour offices and Confitarma, and will be introduced the celebrativo book of ATHENA by Bruno Della Loggia, Gianfranco Damilano and Claudio Boccalatte; in the afternoon the visit to the systems of the tank of the INSEAN will be organized to which it will follow a short afternoon session

Topic of the day will be the impact had on the ships because of the norms which took effect in last the 10 years which they have remarkablly influenced never like previously the industry of the shipping.

ATHENA is constituted to Genoa in 1947 for initiative of a group of Italian naval engineers, like continuation of the College of the Naval and Mechanical Engineers, with a wider program like organism in order to diffuse the culture, to update the technical information and to debate inherent problems every form of naval and marine activity, assuming the denomination of College of the Naval and Mechanical Engineers - Italian Association of Naval Technology. In February 1948 the first national convention of naval technique held since collecting quickly between the row of the new association numerous operating of national the marine world: engineers, teacher, investigators, shipowners, insurers. From then its associates, today approximately 700 and you anticipate on all the national territory in 12 he dissect territorial and two thematic groups, gives competent professional contributions in the field of the planning, the construction and the management of the ships, with detail attention to safety of the transports and the prevention of the marine atmosphere.

Founded in 1927, the INSEAN - Istituto Nazionale for Studies and Experiences of Naval Architecture - takes part from 2011 of the Department of Engineering, INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY and Technologies for the Energies and the Transports of the National Research Council (CNR). In the within of the system it searches public, INSEAN in general terms carries out an intense activity of fundamental search in the fields of the fluid dynamics and in the specific fields of the idroelasticità, the acoustics and the vibrations. Such activities have fallen back and applications in various fields of the marine technologies, which safety, the energetic efficiency and the environmental sustainability of marine means of transport, let alone the means study and development for the extraction of renewable energies from sea and wind. The acquaintances of the methods of investigation, numerical and experimental, and of the characteristic technologies of the naval field and the marinocostiero atmosphere, find important then find application also in other fields which that aeronautical and aerospace one. In such withins the INSEAN has developed to important collaborations with Italian and foreign agencies and university and is involved in numerous research projects financed from national and international organisms. The search activity, developed the scientific and technological competences, the numerical and experimental methods of investigation of vanguard, the experimental infrastructures on hand, makes of the INSEAN a recognized international scientific and technological point of reference in the naval and marine field. Moreover this places the CNR in condition for executing an appreciated technical-scientific advisory activity for industries and ship yards and for carrying out an important national role like "hub" technological for the economy of the sea.

In order to participate to the event is necessary a recording to the address.

Preliminary program


Recording Participants and visit to the stands


Welcome Speech

Ing Emilio Fortunato Campana and Ing Daniele Ranocchia - Director CNR - IINSEAN

Ing Alberto Moroso - Italian President Associazione of Naval Technique


Institutional salutes

CA (GM) Alessio Carta - Marina Militare Italiana

Managing Scholastic of Istituto Nautico di Roma Marcantonio Colonna


The operating flexibility in the naval plan to support

CV (GN) Michele Giuliano - Marina Militare Italiana


To define

Ing Mauro Maurici - Ministry Of the Atmosphere


To define

Environmental unit Marino


Evolution of the Ships in the past decade: The development of the Norms

Ing Fabio Faraone - Confitarma


Coffee Break


As the Marine Authority has been adapted to carry out controls on national and foreign ships to protection of Safety of Navigation

CV (CP) Giovanni Greco - General Command Harbour offices


To define

Ing Biagio Pugliese - RINA


Presentation of the book: "Italian Association of Naval Technology 1947 – 2017
70 years in support of the activities on the sea and internal waters"

Claudio Boccalatte, Gianfranco Damilano, Tawny of the Loggia - Italian Association of Naval Technology


The Activities of INSEAN - CNR



To define

Ministry Infrastructures and of the Transports

Closing of the intense activities of the session early riser


Pause Lunch


Visit to the laboratories of INSEAN - CNR


Final salutes



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