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October 5, 2017

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Transport & Environment denunciation that index EEDI is not apt in order to realize a decarbonizzazione of shipping the

Maggs (CSC): "the current requirement of efficiency of the EEDI are so modest that not is some incentive for the adoption of innovative technologies currently available"

the organization not governmental Transport & Environment (T&E), than to center to Brussels, has lead an analysis statistics on the performances of the new ships constructed between 2013 and 2017 relatively to their index of energetic efficiency in planning (EEDI), appraisal that is based on Maritime data of the International Organization (IMO) and whose conclusions evidence that a quota consisting of the fleet of new construction is already in compliance with current and future requirement of energetic efficiency.

In particular, the analysis finds that 71% of the portacontainer, 69% of the conventional ships for goods, 26% of the tankers and 13% of the liquefied gas tankers already respect requirement of the Energy Efficiency Index Design, index that measure the energetic efficiency and the emissions of co2 of the ships and whose application it is profitable obligatory for the new ships constructed between 2013 and 2025 in the within of the adoption of the new adopted requisti of energetic efficiency from the IMO in the 2011 which amendments from Annexed YOU to the Marpol Convention and that have taken effect 1° January 2013. The study evidences that the quota ships portarinfuse that respects these standards is instead much limiting and pairs to 1%.

Moreover the study emphasizes that first 10% of the ships that turn out under this aspect to be the best ones than every category than ship it is very more advanced in the respect of requirement compared to the average total of the new ships. In particular, taking in consideration exclusively the performances of the ships that take part of this first 10%, 58% of the new portacontainer turn out to be more efficient regarding requirement demanded to 2025, so like 57% of the conventional ships for goods several/, 42% of the liquefied gas tankers, 35% of the tankers and 27% of rinfusiere.

On the base of such surveys, the study evidences that the review of current objectives EEDI and the definition of the future standards of planning would have to be based on the performances of first 10% of the ships better than every segment.

"This new analysis that uses the official data of the IMO - has observed Faig Abbasov, responsible for the Shipping of the T&E - confirmation the precedence turned out introduced from the groups enviromentalists to the IMO: the standard of energetic efficiency is not apt to promote a better planning or technological innovations. The shipowners, represented from the International Chamber of Shipping and the BIMCO, are themselves opposite to more rigorous standards in the within of the efforts in order to limit the objectives of the possible decarbonizzazione of the shipping in the picture of the negotiations near the IMO. To strengthen the EEDI - it has emphasized Abbasov - is the minim that can be made. If the IMO cannot take part timely on this topic because of the opposition of the field, as it can be thought of giving an adequate answer to the agreement of Paris".

"the current requirement of efficiency of the EEDI - John Maggs has denounced, president of the Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC), organization of which T&E it is charter member - are so modest that not is some incentive for the adoption of innovative technologies currently available, not to mention the development of new technologies. The industry says that it will be able to only reduce the climatic impact when they are available technologies to lowlands carbon emissions, but it is opposed to policies that stimulate their development and their distribution. You cannot have the blows full and the drunk wife. Something must be given".

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