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October 5, 2017

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the EU has introduced a program of 36 sets in action in order to improve state of health, the cleansing and safety of the
the program previews beyond 550 million euros of
In occasion of the conference "our ocean", than has been opened today to Malta, the European Union has introduced a program of 36 sets in action in order to improve state of health, the cleansing and safety of the seas, participations that correspond to beyond 550 million euros of investments.

Between the initiatives in topic of marine safety, the EU has announced an appropriation of 37,5 million euros in order to guarantee marine safety and to contrast long piracy the coasts of Southeastern Africa and in the Indian Ocean. The deep ones will be employed by four regional organizations (Igad, Comesa, Eac and With i) in cooperation with the Unodc, the Interpol and Fao. The program supports initiatives of alternative means development of subsistence in the zones of coastal of the Somalia, investigative abilities and on a national level regional piracy, repressive and judicial reform of the prison system, abilities, interruption of the illegal money movements, fight against the recycling and launches other marine tasks, besides a regional mechanism for the coordination and the marine exchange of information.

a million investment four euro in 2017 will be carried out in the European program of satellite observation Copernicus in order to support the agencies and the Member States of the EU in the monitoring of the pollution from hydrocarbons and the commercial activities of fishing on wide scale (included the fight against illegal fishing, not declared and which did not order) in the Atlantic north-oriental, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Sea of the North, the Black Sea, the Pacific Ocean and around the Canarian islands. Moreover Copernicus will introduce new services in support of the safety and application of a provision of navigation in the zones infested from the ice.

the program previews also the prosecuzione of the support to marine safety in the Gulf of Guinea, also through the interregional net of the Gulf of Guinea and the start of two new programs: the program of support to integrated marine safety of the West Africa (Swaims), for an amount of 29 million euros, and the program in order to improve harbour safety in the West Africa and headquarters, for an amount of 8,5 million euros.

an appropriation of a million euro in 2017 is face to support the potenziamento of the technologies of the information and the communication (MANNERISM) of the marine authorities of the EU and to facilitate their cooperation. Moreover the European Union has announced that it will supply a contribution of 80 thousand euros in order to facilitate the cooperation between authorities that carry out functions of coastgard in Europe.

the actions that the EU has been engaged to put into effect in the field of marine safety include the launch, happened some days before, of the prototype of a surveillance instrument that characterizes the ships in order to find the capacity of the human activities in sea. The instrument for research purposes of not identified marine objects, or "SUMO", it is a software that automatically analyzes to the coming data from satellites for the elaboration of images radar to the aim to characterize boats also not longer than a meter in night or cloudiness conditions. The instrument SUMO is an open source in order to promote of uses it from customers and promoters and in order to facilitate the international cooperation in matter of mapping of the navigation routes, monitoring of the intensity of navigation, location of the ships that they pollute, monitoring of the fishing activities, fight to piracy and smuggling and control of the marine frontiers.

the program of actions of the EU in marine pollution matter previews the start of the WISE (Toilets Information System for Europe), a portal of access to the information on the European issues in water matter that is destined to the great public and the interested subjects and finalized to promote better a governance of the oceans and a better management based on the ecosystems. The platform will be widened and integrated ulteriorly in the next few years.

Moreover is previewed a contribution of two million euro in the 2017 in support of performance, from the Member States, of the directive picture on the strategy for the marine atmosphere, an ulterior amount of 2,3 million euros in support of the regional and interregional cooperation in order to reach such objective, the appropriation of 2,85 million euros in favor of plans in matter of prevention and advance of the marine pollution and of 2,5 million euros for operations in matter of marine pollution to the aim to support and to integrate the initiatives of cross-border cooperation between the eu country and with specific bordering countries. To this one joins within the end of a 2017 plan of measures times to reduce the plastic dispersion in the atmosphere and the course of the year plans in order to define measures in order to reduce the ocean disposals of refusals of residual of the cargo of the ships.

In the picture of the development of the sustainable blue economy, the program includes an amount of beyond 250 million euros in order financing the marine and marine search in 2017, comprised 40 million euros in order to support the transport for navigable ways advanced and to lowlands emissions and beyond 30 million euros for the marine energy. Moreover the EU has announced that it will distribute 12 million euros in order to support two new innovative plans in matter of actions of reclamation in order to contrast the marine refusals and other polluting ones. The European Union has announced also the support, with a contribution pairs to beyond 50 million euros, of the initiative of BlueMED cooperation for a healthy, productive and resilient Mare Mediterraneo through science and the search.

the actions in the field of the blue economiy preview moreover the ulterior intensification of the regarding activities of the EU the Alliance for research purposes oceanographic ocean-going liner promuovendo Atlantic strengthened pictures of cooperation with partner like Brazil and the South Africa in science matter, searches and innovation marine in the within of the declaration of Belém and the appropriation of beyond 60 million euros in period 2018-2019 in order achieving such objective. The EU will moreover continue to put into effect the innovative declaration of Galway on the cooperation in matter of oceanographic search with the United States and Canada.

To this joins in a 2017 initiative in matter of investments for an amount of 14,5 million euros to the aim to promote a sustainable blue economy in the European Union. Approximately eight million the bottom they are destined to subsidies to the start of plans to elevated potential in emerged fields of the blue economy in all the EU. In order better to watch and to fight the phenomenon of the marine refusals, an ulterior million amount two euro will be destined to supply support to innovative technologies in order to monitor and/or to fight such phenomenon in the waters that encircle the European Union. Moreover three million euro will be destined to facilitate plans of twinning in the basin of the Mediterranean, as those between institutes of formation and instruction in marine within, enterprises that operate in the field of the blue economy and local communities of peach. At last 1,5 million euros will be allocated for the restoration of the marine and coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

the series of actions for the development of the sustainable blue economy includes the start of the program of marine partnership Appease-EU, for an amount of 45 million euros, that it is face to support the sustainable management and the development of the peach for alimentary safety and the economic increase, facing meanwhile the issues of the resilience to the climatic changes and of the conservation of the marine biodiversity. Moreover actions will be put into effect in order all over the world to accelerate the processes of planning of marine the marine space/in cooperation with the intergovernmental oceanographic Commission of the Unesco (With - the Unesco), in compliance with the engagements assumed from both the 24 parts March 2017. In particular, the EU will supply a contribution of 1,4 million euros to With - the Unesco in order elaborating international guidelines in matter of planning of the marine space. Within this initiative, at the beginning of the 2018 two plans will be started pilot in matter of planning of the marine space, in the Mediterranean and another in the southern Pacific. Moreover face will be created an international forum for the planning of the marine space to facilitate the arguments on the modalities of application world-wise of the planning of the marine space, comprised the intersettoriali actions. The first seminary will hold in the spring of 2018. An other contribution of three million euros and one almost six million euro will be classified to support plans in eu country turn to institute a cross-border cooperation in matter of planning of the marine space.

Always in topic of blue economy, an investment of 23 million euros will be carried out in the service of monitoring of the marine atmosphere of the program of satellite observation Copernicus in 2017 and in a 2018 and appropriation of 8,5 million euros it will have for objective the conservation of the marine and coastal biodiversity in the basin of the Sea of the Caribbean to advantage of the communities that depend on such ecosystems. Moreover the EU has been engaged to ulteriorly get ahead the agreements of partnership for a sustainable peach with the coastal States and to distribute a contribution at least a million euro in order to support the total program for the peach of the World-wide Bank (Profish).

the EU in 2017 will finance also with 1,5 million euros the tests of the first groups of devices for the employment of wave energy and the tides in Europe, deep that will go in support of the administrations and of the promoters of plans involved in the environmental monitoring.

the program previews moreover the development of cloud the pilot for blue science (Blue Science Cloud Pilot) that it aimed to modernize the access process, management and uses of the marine data in order to improve the treatment of great amounts of marine and marine given launches being used the technologies cloud. Moreover the cloud for blue science (Blue Cloud) it is intended to ulteriorly promote the intense activities between the scientists of the international EU and their partner.

Other actions are dedicated specifically to the climatic change, that it for example has direct and immediate effects on the oceans like the increase of the increasing and sea level acidification, to the protection of the marine atmosphere and in order to assure a sustainable fishing all over the world.

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