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December 12, 2017

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Of Augustin which guide of the Italian portualità throws again the role of Assoporti

Evidenced the necessity of norms in order to strengthen the position of the AdSP regarding shipowners and concessionaires

In the Italian ports there are the competences in order to increase the competitiveness of the harbour ports of call and the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti) can exercise the role of promotrice of this development is in national within that near the EU. It has emphasized today the president of the association, Zeno Of Augustin, in the course of the assembly of Assoporti that has held to Rome to the presence of the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Graziano Delrio.

"The resources in order to return efficient and competitive the ports - it has explained Of Augustin - are and are here in Italy. We do not have to look for the great technicians elsewhere because we have a team of experts who operate directly in the harbour systems. The Authorities of Harbour System demonstrate of having the competences and the internal know-how-how in order to make to program the future strategically. We must today reason in terms of system, that is the port and the areas of pertinence, the connections and their functionality".

Remembering that the reform of the Italian norm on the introduced portualità last year has modified the system of the governance of the ports, Of Augustin it has evidenced that "only Assoporti can be made forward loaded with a thrust above all during the European Union. We have given beginning to a new course - it has added - and was necessary to give a various, strong and shared contribution. The true message that we want to give is that the portualità regards the entire Country".

In its participation Of Augustin it has spoken about the challenges with which the ports are confronted today, in a world-wide scene of the marine traffics that in the segment of the container are characterized by a almost oligopolista concentration, challenges between which that introduced from the phenomenon of the meganavi that they generate economies of scale for the navigation companies but that diseconomie and negative externalities for the territories of reference shift the blame onto on the strong ports. Challenges between which still that represented from the transformation in existence in the field of the harbour terminalismo in which one assists to a trend oriented towards acquisitions of the terminals by shipowning companies and trusts. Finding that in absence of provisions of regulation to international level the ports are forced to favour the requirements of the shipowners pain the exclusion from the traffic circuits, the president of Assoporti has emphasized the necessity of norms of strengthening of the administrative and managerial role of the Authorities of Harbour System regarding shipowners and concessionaires.

A topic, that of the new subjects that appear on the Italian harbour panorama, that he is resumed by the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, Paolo Emilio Signorini, than, stopping on the challenges and opportunities offered from the "Ways of the Silk", the project started in 2013 from the Chinese president in order to by sea integrate Asia and Europe via earth and, and evidencing the importance of the possible Chinese participations in the harbour field and logistic Italian, has suggested to a strait monitoring of iter legislative in center the EU in matter of investments as the European action could be time to to reduce the possibility of foreign investments in the Countries of the South Europe and in particular in Italy. To such purpose Gentlemen it has observed that the recent communication of the EU commission "To meanwhile receive with favor the investments direct foreign countries protecting the fundamental interests", also asserting that the opening of the EU to the investments foreign countries is not destined to change, recognizes the risk that in single cases the foreign investor can try to acquire the control or to exercise infuence in the European enterprises whose activities have repercussions on the crucial technologies, infrastructures, the productive factors or the sensitive information.

The president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, Pino Musolino, finding that the development of the ports of the Mediterranean, in particular of those Italians, can not only represent an added value for Italy but also for the entire European continent, has denounced that between the summits of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) at this point does not sit from many years Italian representatives. "Assoporti, with the government - it has asserted - can and must make to feel own voice in Europe, not only when draft to wonder above all deep but when on those tables is elaborated and taken strategic decisions". Musolino has mentioned also to the topic of the autonomy financial institution of the AdSP: "without adequate and greater autonomy financial institution - it has explained - the harbour development will continue to only weigh on the cases of the State. I want to remember - it has specified - than the ports of the Northern Range enjoy an autonomy decidedly more meaningful today than that of the Italian ports that in its turn are still far from that established from the EU. To Italy, a impositiva autonomy lacks suitable to allow the construction of an entrance founded on foundations, technical aspects, commercial and strategic own. Servants, therefore, to exceed the limited and conditioned compartecipazione to the jettison at sea VAT and to admit the independent imposition deriving from specific foundations against jettison at sea ability. She put up resources - she has specified - would allow to realize those infrastructures necessary in order to have more efficient ports and, at the same time, to allow with the AdSP new to concentrate itself on a sustainable development, also from the environmental point of view, attracting the best technologies, as we are making to Venice realizing the first terminal LNG that she has as soon as obtained an European co-financing thanks to project GAINNIT. Autonomy financial institution that it would stimulate also covered mainly vituous in the management and harbour planning".

The president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ionian Sea, Sergio Prete, has emphasized the centrality of the Mediterranean in international the marine scene, that it is a strong factor of attrattività for investments private publics and in the field of the transports and the logistics. Priest has found that such centrality is testified also by the consisting increase of the marine transport through the Suez Canal that gives 2001 to 2016 has recorded an increase of +120% of the goods in transit, with about 75% of that they are riconducibili to the routes To make East - Europe. With increasing of the traffics and the routes and therefore of the importance of the basin of the Mediterranean in the within of the transports and the marine logistics - it has observed - all the Countries that appear on its sides are pursuing political of development of own harbour system, aware important that this represents a key element for the economy and the development and the foreign production of the area. The president of the AdSP of the Ionian Sea has specified that, if a lot supported appears the increase of the ports along the sides South and East of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, during the last few years a difficulty for the national ports has been evidenced hub that have lost traffic, that instead it has grown, also to important rates, in the ports gateway. The ports of Southern Italy d' Italy, own where they are situated the hub - has asserted - they discount generally of the infrastructural deficiencies (marine and terrestrial, railway firstly), they anticipate lower levels of saturation and endure the competition of the ports of the southern part and oriental of the Mediterranean.

The president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Meridionale, Ugo Patroni Griffi, has spoken about the role of Special the Economic Zones in the valorization of the productive systems and logistic premises thanks to the their specific economic legal system/that promotes the increase of the native enterprises, the attraction of investments foreign countries and favors the import-export.

In its participation to conclusion of the assembly minister Delrio has rimarcato the ulterior included positive elements in the harbour legislation, mainly in matter of harbour job with the introduction of margins of flexibility on hand of the Authorities of Harbour System, with the approval yesterday of I decree legislative that he contains integrating dispositions and corrective to I decree on August 4, 2016 legislative(on 12 December 2017).

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