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August 22, 2018

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Collapse of Morandi Bridge, the next days - the C.I.S.Co emphasizes. - they will be crucial in order to plan the new practicability

The Council wishes that Freeways for Italy put to dispositions the data of the East-West traffic in order better to study possible the road alternatives

The closing of the feature of the A10 freeway that crosses from east to the west the city of Genoa as a result of collapse of Morandi Bridge will shortly have negative consequences, mean and long term on the traffic of the city and the port. It emphasizes the C.I.S.Co. (Council of intermodal shipping consultants), center of intermodal studies with center to Genoa, announcing to have put on own competence to the city and the operators who will have to manage this delicate phase. To such fine the general secretary of the C.I.S.Co., Giordano Bruno Guerrini, has written to the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, and to deputy mayor and the alderman to Mobility and local Public transport, Stefano Balleari, signaling what, if is not corrected in time, he could become an ulterior problem for the traffic, that is the distances advised from the electronic navigators and the route planner online, as for example The C.I.S.Co has asked also the Municipality to take part in order to speed up the collaboration of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports.

"I have immedesimato myself - Guerrini in the letter to mayor has written and deputy mayor - with a French tourist whom it wants to know which road to follow in order to go or to return from Cinque Terre and have activated the search engine on the draft Marseilles-The Spezia with this result: the system proposes to exit from the freeway to Pegli and to continue in ordinary practicability until the helical in order to re-enter to Genoa the West. This intelligent system prepares us so the chaos in the days of controesodo coming. It is necessary to raise awareness who of competence (Mit and Autostrade) and to act quickly with the This of the main players of the field (Michelin, Google Maps, etc)".

The C.I.S.Co explains that "the situation of the old port worries many owners, managers and customers of those terminals whose railway connection is not restored after collapse. Although we find ourselves in "low season" - the Council finds - is necessary to plan cargos that they will be introduced between seven days to the first reopenings. The main operators who gravitate on the old port us turn out today in conclave for the necessary appraisals. Therefore: to cancel the trains and to make all truck? He is - he evidences the C.I.S.Co. - challenging from the logistic point of view for the breakup of the railway material and for the necessity to shortly make contracts for the transport on the truck, hoping in a ripartenza of the railway arranged one in the two/three weeks that currently are the temporal horizon which wished of restoration of the main services of the Mto (intermodal operators) that they operate in the old port. The cargo worries less than I re-enter to Genoa that is constituted by container empty that they re-enter in the warehouses. The managers of these last ones, after an immediate initial and praiseworthy availability to operate until midnight, have returned to the usual working hours, after to have verified the activity lack evening".

The C.I.S.Co rimarca therefore the necessity "to use these last days of summery pause and not extraordinary job in order to plan all the aspects of the practicability and above all the aspect of the transits on the East-West director of the Liguria of which only Freeways for Italy it possesses the type data (length, origin, destination) and that he would be favorable returned publics in order more better to study possible the road alternatives".

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