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September 7, 2018

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Prompt Fit Cisl urgent participations in order to throw again the activity and the occupation in the port of Gioia Tauro

Monday in program an encounter near the MIT

Prompt Fit Cisl urgent participations in order to throw again the activity and the occupation in the port of Gioia Tauro, topic that next monday will be in the middle of an encounter to Rome near the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports: "we will ask the MIT - it has anticipated the regional general secretary of the labor organization, Annibale Fiorenza - to put in existence all the instruments useful to do so as that the port of Gioia Tauro not remainders a hub strategic suffocated from the implementing delays of the harbour reform, the programmed works and above all from inertia of society MCT (the company that manages the container terminal of the calabrian harbour port of call, ndr) that it is disregarding all the engagements assumed for I throw again of the terminal. He is time that associates MCT and MSC, two of the greatest players of the harbour field and the marine transport, put into effect investments and promote finalized entrepreneurial actions to throw again competitive of the activities of transhipment Gioia Tauro".

"the MIT and the Harbour Authority - it has specified Fiorenza - must give keep on the initiatives necessary in order to make to guarantee, to the holders of the concession, the best operating and commercial conditions in a position to developing those volumes of coherent activities with the abilities to the infrastructure and the areas in concession. The port is not they private property but it is strategic a public good for the Country, fundamental for the increase and the development of the Calabria and therefore who stops the concession must guarantee adapted policies of enterprise to being propositivi and competitive actors in the immense international circuit of the section".

Fiorenza has remembered that "for these lacked engagements and for the unsatisfactory organizational and occupational management of management of MCT, the territorial labor organizations Fit Cisl, Filt Cgil and Sul, they have put in existence three days of strike, recording stung of adhesion of beyond 70%", action of protest that has held to half last month. "A meaningful participation of the community of workers - it has emphasized the representative of the federation of category of the Cisl - more available not to endure the negative fallen back ones of an unwarrantable entrepreneurial do-nothing policy that is banalizing the potentialities and the strategic value of the infrastructure that, for how much it regards to us, it cannot more remain underused and marginalized in the national and international system of the portualità and the marine and intermodal transport".

"The institutional and social synergies of the last biennium - it has continued Fiorenza - do not go made useless. It is made a good job that we want to capitalize as soon as possible and sure within the next biennium. A objective that must reward and give confidence to the workers and to the trade-union forces who with courage and determination have assumed the responsibility to make and to support coherent choices is for the protection of the workers in esubero, with the institution of the "Agency for the harbour job" and is for the programming of implementing policies in a position to generating perspectives of development for their reintegration in the future work cycle and the most serene one, for all the workers in force to the same MCT and the other operating enterprises in the entire harbour basin. In this optical we will continue to speed up the full operativity of the ZES, the immediate restructure of the harbour large square with relative implementation of means and the technologies that improve the work safety, the realization of the dry dock, the completion of the railway gateway and the construction of the system of support the integrated logistics of a modern system of intermodal transports that connects the marine transport with the railway, airport and street system. These are, for us, the structural elements and infrastructural urgent and indifferibili, for I throw again of the infrastructure and of the harbour area that, as it is famous, the peculiarities in a position to guaranteeing the competitiveness of the activities productive and the prerogatives maintain to all in order to develop to new workings and diversified job opportunity. We want that all are put to system the intrinsic potentialities and extrinsic of the hub harbour which strategic node in the Mediterranean and the future system of the Nets TRIES".

"In this direction - it has concluded the regional general secretary of the Fit Cisl - the objective remains unavoidable to exceed the commissariale phase of the Harbour Authority and the implementing stall of the harbour reform that has previewed the institution of new "the Authority of Harbour System of the Strait" with center to Gioia Tauro. A not secondary aspect that demands an immediate solution also to the aim of giving overhong to the necessary policies of management, planning and performance of the coherent investments with the dimensions and the strategic potentialities of the "Regional and interregional Harbour System" in the basin of the Mediterranean".

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