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December 13, 2018

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Toninelli: the Third Pass cannot that to go ahead

The total of the costs of the recess - the minister explains - would pile to about 1,2 billion euros of money publics

The Third Pass cannot that to go ahead. He has announced today the minister to Infrastructures and to the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, commenting the outcomes of the appraisals on the new railway line Alta Velocità/Alta Capacità of the Third Pass of Benefits, along the Milan-Genoa axis, that they are profitable famous today and that they are carried out by the experts of the Technical Structure of Mission of the MIT. A prosieguo of the project and its realization to which Toninelli it has been resigned specifying that it is a decision tied to the burdens to which encounter would be gone interrupting the work: "the total of the costs of the recess - the minister has explained - would pile to about a billion and 200 million euros of money publics".

Emphasizing that of the Third Valid one is "one of the many poisoned dossiers that they have left the professionals us of politics", Toninelli has evidenced that the government has faced it without prejudices having decided to carry out "a serious one, rigorously and finally objective analysis cost-benefits", analysis - it has specified - than "is not vezzo or a trick in order to take time, but the only reliable method for giving transparency and scientifically supporting the public decisions in matter of investments, so to use at best the money of the citizens. The money - the minister has rimarcato - cannot be wasted, goes used well and - it has added - infrastructures fly are fundamental in order to make to share the economy".

Toninelli has remembered that the work "is uniform in six lotteries and the work would have to be completed in 2023" and that "altogether the Third Pass costs 6,2 billion, of which 1,5 billion already spold. Four lotteries on six - it has specified - are under construction. The first lottery is near 90%, other from 60% to 20%. For the fifth lottery the work is not parties, sixth must instead be still financed (for the work - the analysis remembers cost-benefits - the CIPE has approved of five constructive lotteries on six, assigning resources for 3.597 million euros)". Finding that "draft of a complex and very onerous work, entirely paid with money publics", the minister has remembered moreover that on the project "the Movement 5 Stars has placed until from its start strong doubts".

Toninelli has explained that from the analysis it costs benefits turns out that "the cost of the work to end, brought up-to-date to 30 years, would exceed the benefits for a figure of a billion and 576 million. Within this billion and means - it has clarified - there are several voices, for example the smaller revenues of highway concessionaires or 905 million euros of octrois on gasoline that would not be embedded by the Been about to one via to take it in turns modal from railroad road. Then there is the legal depositor, and the carried out analysis makes a forecast on the costs of abandonment of the work. Al billion and means already spold, for work already executed, than is not contemplated in the legal analysis, but that to that point it would be spold for nothing, it goes at least added a tenth one of the residual value of the contract: we speak therefore about 463 million to reimburse to the general contractor who is constructing the infrastructure, that is Cociv (participated to 64% from Impregilo, 31% lead water Societies and 5% Civ, ndr). We have said a tenth one at least - it has specified - because draft of a prudential esteem. Then there are the work that the general contractor entrusts to third party, since she free lance realizes the work only for 40%: here the costs, the damages and the lacked ones useful to pay could be attested on a advanced sum to a tenth one and would fall back on Italian Railway Net, therefore after all on the State. Therefore, we are at least speaking about other means billion. Remaining prudent, we are already in front of a billion of estimated costs deriving from an eventual unilateral recess contractual, to which they are added about 200 million for the restoration of the places".

The minister has emphasized that but, if the costs of the recess would turn out onerous for the cases of the State, to make to go ahead the project "he does not mean to lead it to term so as is, but to return the efficient work regarding the scopes. If we want to make up for at least partially to the damages of the past, being profitable the Third Pass a useful infrastructure from the logistic point of view and adapts to improve also the regional service on the draft parallel - it has explained - must in the first place that it indeed is very connected with Genoa: therefore, the railroads must arrive end within the port". Moreover, "it then must be profitable operating totally I unwind it retroportuale of Alexandria that moreover insists on an area of property of RFI and Mercitalia. Alexandria must be and will be the retroporto natural of Genoa because it has all the characteristics in order to become it".

"Moreover, and I hold us particularly - he has still added - we will have to make so that he is gone ahead in the work without ulterior wastes of money and in absolute safety on the plan of the protection of the nature and the landscape. The respect of the prescription of the environmental observatory could not be a optional: and I refer in particular to digestion of the asbestos and to the stop to the trucks that transport the materials of turn out of the yards. A transfer that will have to happen on iron and solo marginally on rubber. Without to forget all a series about actions to gears that I am of vital importance: the potenziamento of the regional services in order to improve the connections of the intermediate resorts with the genoese metropolitan area, the reduction of the times of travel for the passengers between Genoa and the cities of Milan and Turin, the possible doubling of From Liguria the Andora-End line and participations on the railway knot of Genoa in order to reduce the traffic on rubber".

"Who attacks and says that we are those to us of not prescinding - she has concluded Toninelli - will support now that we are betraying our spirit enviromentalist. He is not so, we we are always the same ones. We have to heart the sustainability and the interests of the citizens, not the appetites of sure lobbies or committees of transactions. For this we use the money publics with attention, in really productive way, as nobody has made never before, taking decisions, also difficult as this, in objective and finally transparent way".

In the conclusions of the appraisal of the project of the Third Pass one remembers that "the analysis cost-benefits is an internationally accepted instrument from the EU commission, the World-wide Bank and other international organizations that return the choices more transparent than investment of a public administration. In this case - the relationship specifies - the profit esteem are carried out are with reference to the cost total are with reference to the "cost to end", pairs to 4.636 million euros, in which the sum already spold it constitutes "a sunk" cost. Also in the presence of an important to pile of benefits - the document evidences - the analysis anticipates indicators of economic profit negatives, with the exception of the optimistic scene of increase of the question, that a relationship anticipates benefits/costs pairs to 1,04".

"The eventual decision not to continue the work - law still in the conclusions - would involve the loss of the sums already expenses, pairs at least 1.522 million euros, and ulterior costs of recess from contracts in being, of uncertain quantification, but estimated pairs to 1.195 million euros at least. Alle voices of legal cost, is added, in fact, the ulterior costs for dismantling of the yards and the restoration of the state of the places pre-exist to the work and of the relative mass in environmental safety. To all this it goes to join the fact that within international agreements that Italy has undersigned with the EU for the realization of the trans-European nets of the transports, IT TRY (v. Attached 1 of Regolamento EU 1315/2013), reruns the obligations of attrezzaggio of the system of control and safety of railway circulation ERTMS. The realization of the work would not involve, therefore, the opening of negotiates with the EU commission for the rivisitazione of the alignment (that is the tracing) of a Corridor of the Total Net, and would involve, also, the reimbursement partial total or of the assistance financial institution previewed for the implementation of system ERTMS on the Italian sections pertaining to the Corridor Rhine - the Alps, estimated pairs to about 27 million euros".

In the conclusions of the analysis cost-benefits of the Working group on the appraisal of the projects law that "the project of the Third Pass, also in the presence of an important to pile of benefits, anticipates profit indicators negatives, with the exception of the more optimistic scene that marginally turns out positive. In other words, the project cannot be defined useless, but too much expensive in relation to the achieved benefits and therefore it evidently determines an inefficient use of the resources”.

“The answer to the problem, that is the improvement of the fleeting connections and goods between the Po Plain and the Ligurian Sea - specific - could have been given in different and sure more efficient way: (a) with solutions of organizational and tariff type, pushing the most possible rail shipment also in the presence of short and light trains (systems for the composition of the trains in longer convoys to beyond the pass, subsidies), also in infrastructure absence new (with of the existing lines is not to congestion). In this case we would have had less benefits that if in object, but widely inferior costs of investment and therefore better relationships benefits/costs. (b) with a more careful planning of the Third Pass, also with the same functionality, avoiding phenomena of overdesign, already put in evidence in deepenings precedence. The pass tunnel could have been short, but equally effective in terms of module and heavyweight class hauled. In this case we would have had the same benefits practically, to a substantially inferior cost, and therefore in the more optimistic scenes a positive result of the analysis cost-benefits perimetrando the analysis to all the European impacts”.

In the conclusions of the Working group it is moreover specified to consider “that the current insufficient competitiveness of the port of Genoa regarding those of the Sea of the North is influenced in measure much limiting from the outage of a “plain railroad”; it can be noticed - it is observed - as already today the potentially acquisibili flows from from Liguria port of call could use of the transport on rubber that turns out to be the favorite modality of transport from the operators for a strongly majority quota all cargo handling. Much more important they appear to be factors of testified organizational and bureaucratic type as also from the difference of the necessary times to the accomplishment of the harbour operations and the customs procedures”.

“The lead analysis - it is still emphasized in the conclusions - shows as, only assuming hypotheses very favorable to the project, the obtained benefits would turn out of the same order of magnitude of the costs. This scene has, to judgment of the Working group, an elevated probability not to happen”.

The Working group concludes finding that “the decision with respect to the completion of the work depends, under the economic profile, from confronts with employs alternative of the destined resources to it. If it is not considered that of they exist of better is under the profile of the efficiency that of the fairness the realization is from considering itself opportune. In case contrary, not”.

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