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December 17, 2018

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New project for the construction of a harbour terminal of height outside from the Lagoon of Venice

It is introduced by VGate, new society guided by Alessandro Santi, president of the association of the shipping agents of Veneto

The new Venetian society VGate Srl, whose legal representative is Alessandro Santi, president of Venetian Assoagenti, has deposited 27th November to the Ministry of the Atmosphere and the protection of the territory and the sea request for the definition of the contents of the study of environmental impact (scoping) of project TPAV-C Terminal Plurimodale D' Altura VGATE for the realization to Chioggia of a terminal "high grounds" whose characteristics partially remember those of the port of introduced height eight years ago from the Harbour Authority of Venice that previewed the realization of an offshore platform mail to out of the lagoon Venetian and dedicated tohandling of the container and oil cargos(on 23 September 2010).

Also the project of the VGate, as it explains the society in the request introduced to the ministry, aimed to take advantage of "the potentialities given from the positioning in marine area to high draught hardly out-of-bounds of the Lagoon of Venice, however intrinsically connected and integrated with this, taking advantage of therefore fully the potentialities of the internal port and its immensest areas equipped, but, at the same time, exceeding of the limits".

"The project - the initiative specifies the new company in illustrating - regards a platform that will be placed to 2,3 kilometers to the wide one from the coast (in front of Green Island, fraction of Chioggia, ndr), where the backdrops has a natural depth at least 17 meters, than it will be composed of long a outer dam 3,84 kilometers to whose inside will find space a terminal container in a position to at the same time accommodating two container vessels of last generation with ability until 18 thousand teu". "Along the dock that has a modular development (a length of 1,35 kilometers in the first phase, increasable until 2,45 kilometers in a third phase) - it is specified - will find place the systems of disembarkation and handling to large square highly specialized". The new container terminal is planned in order to have to medium regime a annual ability to traffic pairs to 1,2 million teu.

The Harbour Authority of Venice, agency that now is met in the Authority of Harbour System of the Mare Adriatico Settentrionale who administers the ports of Venice and Chioggia, had previewed to connect the platform of height with a new container terminal of 90 hectares localized to Marghera Port through a realized service shuttle with barges of the ability at least 112 teu. The project of the VGate, instead, besides not to assign the new plurimodale terminal also to handling of loaded liquids, previews "a marine bridge of 2,3 kilometers that, percorribile from car, truck and trains, will connect without breaches of cargo, the terminal of height to existing infrastructures street and railway to earth".

In the part of the economic analysis in which VGate it evidences the innovative solutions of the project the company seems to rimarcare just this diversity: "to difference from other projects proposed in the recent one passed - specific VGate - the integrated design of the terminal of height VGATE it is connected to a marine bridge for the circulation of truck and trains that will resolve the problematic one of the breach of the caused cargo of the lack of sufficient backdrop in the port of Venice in order to today receive the great container vessels demanded from the market; affording competitive performances that will be comparable to those of the best terminals container to the world. The way in which the terminal it will operate will carry numerous benefits. The system will be able to accommodate great container vessels, operating to full ability without double manipulation of the container, and will manage with the maximum flexibility and safety the great ships of new generation that otherwise could not scale Venice. Besides to return a remarkable saving of costs in the management of the cycle ship, will remarkablly reduce also the time of travel and deliveries of the goods and will create the conditions in order to increase the frequencies of the services of connection with the route of Far East; retabling a meaningful saving in cost of inventory for the manufacturer and final users of the port".

The project - VGate in the request specifies - "is articulated in a section "to sea" - that it guarantees touched also to the ships of the greater dimensions (advanced to 10.000 teu) - and a trimodale connection (road, railroad and barges via river) with various back-port and to firstly interpose Italian (the future Montesyndial terminal to you di Porto Marghera) and European that can distribute the best services (to added value) to the goods, all in less polluting and efficient forms of the traditional harbour systems and exceeding the limits induced from naval gigantism. The terminal of height VGATE - the company explains - will supply the first phase of manipulation of the containers from the container vessels coming of Asia with a terminalistico system of last highly automated generation that will offer a storage of short lying of the containers that then will be transferred via truck, trains and barges for various the situated warehouses to long lying in more interposing in the outback of the port for an eventual second deconsolidamento to you near the final users of the logistic chain (gateway function)".

"With the continuous development of the critical mass of the traffic - VGate still specifies - the terminal of height VGATE can also acquit, in residuale way, to the function of undermines transfer hub (function of transhipment) for the near ports that do not have the ability to receive the great ships container (than more 8 thousand teu) of last generation".

The cronoprogramma of the project introduced from VGate it previews that in three years 2019-2021 the phases of authorization of the work are carried out, in quinquennium 2022-2026 the construction of the plurimodale terminal of height and the accessory works comes capacity to term and that the procedure of contest for the management of the new port is realized. In 2027 the first phase of the project would become operating, than to full regime it would have a annual ability to traffic pairs to 500 thousand teu, flow of traffic of which 59% it would be enlivened with truck, 28% for railway way, 3% on barges and 10% would be forwarded towards other ports with modality of transhipment. In 2032 the second phase would enter in exercise, with which the ability it would arrive per year until 1,1 million teu, traffic enlivened for 55% with truck, for 32.3% with trains, 5% with barges and 7.7% with modality of transhipment. In 2037 it would become the operating third and last phase with which the ability would be elevated to two million teu, with a quota transhipment that it would come down to 6.75% of the total, while to the trucks 48.25% of the traffic would be entrusted, to the trains 40.0% and the barges 5%.

The realization of the plurimodale terminal of height would happen with the resource to a procedure of project finance and - VGate emphasizes - "within such instrument it has been provided to estimate that some public contribution is not necessary". The estimated investment would pile to 1,0-1,5 billion euros. According to the forecasts, the new offshore port would appoint to a job 800 people (direct places of work) and to others 4,000 in the induced one.

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