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May 7, 2019

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Assocostieri anticipates a vademecum with proposals in order to contrast the swindles in the field of mineral oils

Venturi: the phenomenon of the swindles has assumed worrisome proportions

Today the National Association Coastal Warehouses Mineral Oils (Assocostieri) has introduced a vademecum that contains some proposals in order to contrast the swindles in the field of mineral oils. The measures are illustrated in occasion of the encounter promoted from the association with the sponsorship of the Ministry of the economic Development in order to make the point on the topic of the legality in the field of the mineral oils that has held to Rome, near the center of the Catholic Civilization.

In the course of the encounter, that it constitutes first of the programmed Assocostieri Forums with the scope to make to meet and to discuss with the institutions and the operators on the arguments of greater interest for the association, Assocostieri has evidenced that during the last few years the problem of the abusiveness in the field of fuels has acquired an always greater importance and has been diffused in all the levels of the commercial row, from supplying to the distribution. "We have decided to dedicate the first Forum to the argument of the legality in the oil field - the president of Assocostieri has explained, Marika Venturi - in a moment in which the phenomenon of the swindles it has assumed worrisome proportions. Draft, unfortunately, of a phenomenon in increase that the introduced norms during the last few years, beginning from the law 11 Decembers 2016 n. 232 (law budgetary 2017), have not been able to check. With the objective to support who the legality defends it with own daily job we have elaborated the "Vademecum for the Legality" that it contains an analysis of state of the art and a synthesis of the main Assocostieri proposals on the topic".

The topics of the Vademecum, that they regard the cession of produced during the their lying in the warehouses (transfers stock), the ready recovery of the credit VAT, the account to climb for the guarantee, the loyal responsibility of the manager of the warehouse, the neutrality of the warehouse VAT and the exemption of the holder of the fiscal warehouse for the payment of the VAT, is illustrated by the general manager of Assocostieri, Dario Soria, that has evidenced as the Forum "the ways of the legality" "intends to represent a contribution so that can fastly be gone in the direction of a market that is characterized for one loyal competition and for the respect of the just rules, as only condition of pr0sperity and existence of the entire field. For this - it has observed Soria - the certainty of the norms antiswindle, on which still the clarification circular attends, and the interlocuzione with the field represented in Assocostieri, assumes decisive relief for aimed norms that they do not penalize but they favor the competitiveness of honest the national operators".

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